I bet you're exited right now, eh?
Yes, I'm baaaack after a period of... school basically, and studies.
But back I am! er, I mean I'm back as I already told you.
Still lots of projects going on but I have, amongst other things, a drawing I did which is soon to be posted. Changed my avatar too.

To the loony gang of fanfic writers here on pythonline; I'm sorry that I won't be able to publish any stories in a while. The only time I have on the computer I'll have to use for either work or whatever I need to do at the moment, no time for writing. Not when your merciless teachers forces yet another deadline onto your time-table... And I've been a perfectionist since birth, which is something I can't change.

It's 02:44 here in Norway (When I post this) but my strange and inconsistent sleep pattern keeps me awake.
So, this is just a short station update.
Yes, I used the same picture as my first post, I'll change it later.

'And I can't get my mind off that bloody murder investigation... I will find you, you may hide, But not for ever! I'm on your trail.'

-Inspector Tiger signing out for the night.

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French Taunter: Hello who is this? :)

TheSister91: hi!! nice to meet you!! ^^

J.Gambolputty: Welcome back! I already wondered when you'd sign in and I'd see you on the 'Users Online' bit.

Yes, school. I know, it can be agonizingly hard and stressing and it takes a huge part of one's time, so try not to go MAD! ;) But anyway: it's good to hear something about you at last!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Oh you have no idea how happy I am to see you back on here! How us lot have missed your ... erm, awesome tigerliness xD Yes, technically not a word, but I disgress.

As you rightly stated, you probably have a lot of reading to catch up with, so just take your time and put in a comment where you can.

Ohhhhhh I STILL CANNOTS BELIEVES IT!!! Tiger of da Yard has made a most daring comeback. Hope you excuse my hypernesses ;P

Here Comes Another One: Yay, you're back! We missed you!

a_nervous_wreck: COUSIN IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTT!!! Oh how we've missed you! Glad to have you back... for now at least. Hopefully school doesn't bare its ugly teeth at you that much anymore

Inspector Tiger at 8:07 pm April 08

Aww, I hoped you all would miss me :')
When you go the 'media and communication' line, as it's called in Norway, you will unfortunately and constantly have projects. Right now It's 05:00, and I'm still awake, determined to get some free time on the pc. What scares me is that I'm not at all tired.
But I'm back for now! My, I suddenly noticed a chock-full inbox , or... I have no idea whats the limit of an inbox here, but I've certainly got some reading to do.