"I've got a silly walk"

What should I put in here..
Well, I found Monty Python only about a month ago, when I saw a documentary called "Monty Python - Almost the truth (lawyer's cut). So I suppose this was my first Python experience, altough I almost can remember watching Flying Circus when I was about 2-3 years or something like that. I slightly recognized some sketches like Spam and Fish Slapping Dance. Soon I went to dear old youtube and watched all episodes of Flying circus and that was that. It hooked me permanently. I forced my dad to order "The Complete Boxset",which has all the series of Flying Circus, and after that I've seen them and "The Meaning of Life". Nowadays my friends probably think I'm crazy 'cause I might start to laugh suddenly for some Python thing, or first quote Python and then start laughing, and they don't understand anything at all. So, I'm glad I accidently started watching the documentary in the first place..

(And as you can see from the title and the picture, I'm a total Palin fan..)

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Sgt. Looney: Nice! I discovered Python about (approx.) 5 years ago when I was in form 2. I was OBSESSED with everything related to the sixties, so my uncle bought me a book about the entire decade for my 12th birthday. And there they were...year '69!!!
And I've been hooked ever since.

killerrabit444: i discovered the holy grail from my cousin then got everything i can find of it and the flying circus's and what not i just love it i will randomly quote it also and only a select few know what im even talking about

Not that late: Wellcome! I was out this weekend, I missed the presentations.

I discovered them, like you, almost by accident, some months ago. I used to think that Palin was my favourite, but now I love all of them so much that I can't choose.

See you arround!

J.Gambolputty at 11:07 am October 25

Thanks :)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93:

Oh ahoy there!! Hello and welcome to the wonderfully outrageous and disturbing world of Python :) It's been about 4 years since I was first introduced to it, courtesy of my father (Thanks pops!) and I've been hooked since.

I was meant to comment earlier, but I couldn't keep awake. My apologies XD

With every new membership to Pythonline, you will receive a free Deluxe Luxury Tea Trolley which will be mailed to you and then will disappear mysteriously in the Atlantic Ocean. Also, since your favourite Python is our dear ol' Mikey boy, here is a picture for you to slobber over (He too is my fav Python - Deja vu being one of my fav sketches as well). Although, if you want a proper Palin drool page, do check out Lady April's thread that Mrs. C did mention earlier. It'll be somewhere on here, you'll just have to find it.

Welcome and welcome again. Hope you'll have a fabulous time on here darling ;)

J.Gambolputty at 2:27 am October 23

*slobbering* Thank you, lovely pic.
( About that tea trolly, hahaa :D
Yes, I've seen Lady April's thread already and my keyboard suffered badly from my drooling

the_thina: wellcome. hope you will like your stay in here. I myself am going to have my 20 year annoversery as a python-fan soon, needless to say there was no youtube around when I first stumbeld upon them. ;)

mrsCutout: Aww! Welcome welcome! Wow you're fast when i discovered monty python it took me 2 years to discover they had a site and another 2 to finaly get the courage to subscribe haha! anway I am a huge Michael fan myself and I think you'll love Lady April's thread! But I actualy love them all too much! You'll love it here it's a silly place! Enjoy!

J.Gambolputty at 1:33 am October 23

Thank you :) I will.
In fact I found this site from wikipedia when I was reading about Eric..

mrsCutout at 8:05 am October 23

No way! Why when I checked wikipedia I never saw it?It makes me MAD!

J.Gambolputty at 8:11 am October 23

The link was in the "External links" part in the end, when I saw it.

Tanya_Birklid19: That's very nice to hear that. Welcome to the mental institute - I mean Pythonline! (If you're new here.) Well, we're all mad here and I must say you made an excellent choice, young padawan. I love Michael so much I just wanna pet him, and squeeze 'im, an' call 'im George. He's just so adorable. :3

J.Gambolputty at 12:27 pm October 22

Thank you, thank you :)
And yes, me too. He is just so cute and sweet and nice and kind and sexy and all the possibal words to subscribe him.

genji at 12:29 pm October 22

You forgot "67".

J.Gambolputty at 12:02 pm November 08

Yes yes.. blah blah.. :D

LaPlusFragile at 10:31 am November 08

ahaha, how cruel!))) by the way, 67 is a great age)

genji at 12:23 am November 09

Well it's certainly very big.

J.Gambolputty at 1:31 am October 23

Sorry, I might be stupid 'cause didn't understand that..

mrsCutout at 8:06 am October 23

I think he meant that appart from all the things you said he is you forgot he's 67 as well.I think..:D

J.Gambolputty at 8:13 am October 23


killerrabit444 at 12:28 pm October 26

nice reference to tommy boy there j and young padawan lol?

Here Comes Another One: Nice to hear a good Python introduction story! I take it you're new to the site: if so, welcome! So you're a Palin fan eh? Me too - he and Terry Jones fight constantly in my head for the number 1 spot.

Do you have a favourite Palin moment? Personally I love him as the newsreader: '...the minister for running up the stairs two at a time, flinging the door open and shouting "Ha ha, caught you Mildred." ' Lots more than that, but that's the current favourite.

J.Gambolputty at 11:14 am October 22

Thank you.

Well I've got lots: I loved him in the Meaning of life as the rear end of the tiger, just couldn't stop laughing. And he was so adorable in "A fish called Wanda"(which isn't actually a Python movie but still) as the curly haired Ken with a studdler. And yeah, the newsreader character was brilliant too, and the one where he said "yum, yum". It had something to do with parrot's news.. Also the homicidical barber is one of my all time favourites just so good acting, I think. He was great as the other one of the poofy judges - sketch, I laughed my lunges out, nearly. But Michael is wonderful in everything. ;)

genji: Must be nice to discover Python for the first time.


J.Gambolputty at 9:54 am October 22

Yes, it is actually :)
and thank you very much