Let's discuss the perfection and beauty of Mr Palin!

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PythonDJgirl: Watching him in "Life of Brian" was certainly something to behold, up until then I didn't know what he was hiding under his shirts. He's a lion underneath, you know!

MontyPythonrocks18: OKAY DOKE

Yes he is perfect, sexy and funny :D Whats your favorite Michael character everyone? One of mine has to be Mr Gumby of course :D

Sewingbee: Always did it for me.

mrs galahad 19: Well I for one cannot live for one second when I see this man's face, no matter what. He's a smutty man, I has ruined my life several times, and for that he just needs to go away, live in a hole in the ground only eating chestnuts. Everything about him makes me wanna go ADKLFJAKFGLAUFGIAUHURIHGLAUREIUHGRIUGHLA (that's fangirl for: JESUS MARY JOSEPH WHO IS THIS MAN, WHY IS HE ON MY LAPTOP, WHAT IS HE DOING, WHAT IS HE? LIQUID MINERAL OR GAS? WHAT DOES HE WANT?)

Dimples, his eyes, just ermahgerd EVERYTHING!!! Artists inspires people, authors have captivated imaginations, but Michael ... Michael just ruins women's lives since the day he was born.

Not me m'lord: Poets have written verses, authors have written books, composers have written symphonies, sculptors have made statues, painters have created masterpieces, bards tell stories...
... ok, they may have not mentioned his name as such but, hey, we all know who they meant, don't we?

No, no you fools! It wasn't Mr Bean!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: DIMPLES1!!!1

Not me m'lord at 7:53 am July 20

Oh yes, yes, well spotted. Easy to miss, aren't they them dimples?
I remember my granny Gladys telling me "Never judge a person by the number of his dimples".

Lovely old lady my granny was. She was a bit confused about Monty Python, mind you.
You see, she admired Monty since WW2 but she had a natural aversion to members of the reptilian family so you can understand her predicament, especially since she never got a reply from the BBC with an explanation about the name. Well, she once got a note that was dropped through the letterbox saying "Sod off you old fart"... but, to this day, I don't believe it came from the BBC. The police didn't believe so either, that's probably why they refused to dust the whole neighbourhood for fingerprints, despite granny's strong insistence.
Oh dear, must go, the kettle just boiled over.
Lovely talking to you, give my love to Michael !

title22: I think we can all agree that there are entirely too many cookie cutters on the schedule. Charlotte and Kansas could help solve that problem by running one of their two dates on the existing or soon to be completed infield road courses. How easy would be to have a road race at Daytona during Speed Weeks? Atlanta (the city, not AMS) could gain back a second date in Braselton at the world-famous Road Atlanta. Indy has a beautiful facility in the infield. Texas is about to host F1 in Austin. That still leaves Road America, Sebring, and Languna Seca as great purpose-built road courses that aren't even on NASCAR's radar. And you aren't a true race fan if you can't get excited over the concept of stock cars tearing through the streets of any major city that is willing and able to host a race! If NASCAR wants the sport to lose the stereotype of "They're makin' another left turn!", then do something about it ... at least something more than a couple of right turns for two weeks out of the year.

Not me m'lord at 6:35 am July 20

Your lamb stew recipe... absolutely wonderful, aunt Esmeralda loved it!

ps. Next time please use an easier-to-crack encryption code and try to post it in a more relevant blog.

The Personal Knight of Luigi Vercotti at 9:44 am July 01

Erm...excuse me, but have you commented on the right thread?

GloriaTheWarrior at 11:29 am June 29

I think you missed the point of this thread...

GloriaTheWarrior: he has a beautiful nose......

Not me m'lord at 7:05 am July 20

Nose for what? Come on, I hate the suspense...

The Personal Knight of Luigi Vercotti at 9:45 am July 01

Yes. Yes, he does.