Merry Christmas Pythonline

Mashcast is finally working for me again. Several months ago (possibly over a year) I had mashcast and made a few mashes but because of a problem with my computer it no longer worked. I now have a new computer and can make mashes once again :)

So I have made a Christmas mash for other Python fans to enjoy.

I think I found the perfect tree topper by the way.

I was unable to embed it but here is the link for those who want to see it:


Thanks Hanri for your help on reminding me how to save and post mashes :) it has been awhile since I've used Mashcast and I had forgotten some things.

A Christmas mash for Python fans

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Lady and Laird Candermine: This is wonderful!!! Just found it... why is it sooooo hard for me to find things in here... its a maze... a maze.... a maze....
Wonderful mash... thank you!!!! hope you have a great holiday season!!!!
Chhhhheeeeerrrrrssss... the candermines

arkennedy at 4:20 pm January 10

Thanks :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

thewastelandr: Haha aww! Love it!

arkennedy at 11:20 am December 16

Thanks :)

MontyPython93: Have a GREAT christmas, everyone!!!! <3<3<3

arkennedy at 11:20 am December 16

Merry Christmas to you as well :)

Hanri: GREAT! Christmas mashes are a beautiful thing. :) You hit many of our hearts. I have two, so I should know... Wait, what did I just say?

Good job!

arkennedy at 11:19 am December 16

Thanks :)

Two hearts? Are you by any chance a Doctor Who fan? I am :) I've never been a fan of American sci-fi but I like British sci-fi (Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy).