Monsieur Palin

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Egghatch: He's so cute. ^_^

title22: Every time we visit a road course, two questions arise: "Why aren't there more road courses?" and "Why isn't there a road course in the Chase?" And every time, NASCAR answers the second question with a tautology: There isn't a road course in the Chase because there isn't a road course in the Chase. They generally flat-out dodge the first question. I have absolutely no basis for thinking this, but I wonder if NASCAR looks at the road courses like that vaguely annoying but ultimately inconsequential in-law you have to put up with a couple times a year. Really, Uncle Frank? You saw a weasel in your garage last week? That's great ... What's that? You want my number? You know what, I'm getting a new phone, so I'd better not give you my number right now ...

Anyway, yeah, I think taking NASCAR in a different direction would be a great benefit to the series. Along those lines ...

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 8:32 am July 11

AND SO THE FREAK CONTINUED TO TALK CRAP ABOUT THINGS AND EVERYBODY ELSE HAD CAKE AND TEA AND SCONES. WOULD YOU MIND-- Oh, hang on, that's better, could you spare us the irrelevance, please? This is about Palin, not bloody NASCAR or whatever.

But anyway, bugger off!