Monty Python Memorable Quotes

Hey everyone! This is my first go at the station thingy so please be supportive. Leave any of your fave Monty Python quotes and any pictures that they are from.

By the way one of my favourites is "Nobody expects the spanish inquisition!"

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Holly: I love animals. That's why I like to kill 'em.

thewastelandr: Yes ... I too have had some difficulty washing these past few days.

thewastelandr at 7:30 pm January 30

Are you sure the claret was on the left of the sideboard, sir?
Well, I'll look for one more month, sir.

sit-on-my-face: - INTERCOUUUUUURSE...
- later, dear.

Paute: Make tea not love!

the_thina: let me put my tounge in your mouth! we ARE supposed to be french!

Paute: Know what I mean? Know what I mean? Nudge, nudge! Know what I mean? Say no more!

Romanes Eunt Domus: Discipline?!...Naked...With a melon?!

mrsCutout: Shut up you silly bitch it's only a bit of fun

neaiznemts: The greatest jokes of all:
1. I object all the sex on the television. I mean, I keep falling off!
2. What's brown and sounds like a bell? Dung!
3. I've heard of unisex but I've never had it.
4. We just dropped in!
5. I want you two to get ahead.

And then for something completely the same:
'My hovercraft is full of eels.'
'What a silly person!'
'This is the silliest sketch I've ever been in.'
'We are no longer knights who say "Ni!" We are now the knights who say ekki-ekki-ekki-pitaang-zoom-boing!'
...And so forth.

Holly: How shall we fuck off, O Lord?

mrsCutout: Wait till Biggus Diggus hears of this!
oh it makes me mad!...maaad

MontyPython93: Always look at the bright side of life...<3 (A)

thewastelandr: Somebody said "mattress" to Mr. Lambert... twice!

The Ex-Leper: LUDWIG!! Have you seen the jamspoon??

the_thina: the sign that is the sign!!

Lvndr HppE: Pardon me, but I'm off to play the grand piano!

The Ex-Leper: You want to have babies???

the_thina: ever since we got married you have treated me like an albatross

Stig: You've killed him! ARHHHHHGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop! Never kill a customer.

silly Ministress:

"I don´t care how fucking runny it is"

"Yes, gangs of old ladies attacing fit,defenseless young man."

"Bruce:Your american beer is like making love in a canoe.Bruce: Making Love in a canoe?
Bruce:It´s fuckinh close to water!"

"Yes! Whenever bicycles are broken, or menaced by International Communism, Bicycle Repair Man is ready!"

"Pepperpot Well I think customs men should be armed, so they can kill people carrying more than two hundred cigarettes. "

"Man:All right, all right, all right. You want a licence.
Praline: Yes.
Man: For a fish.
Praline: Yes.
Man You are a loony."

Kasmira: Never kill a costumer!

Holly: Easy, Mungo, easy... Mungo... the war wound!... the wound... the wound...

Kasmira: Ello ello ello! What's all this, then?

Lady and Laird Candermine: nudge, nudge wink wink... does she like photographes... know what I mean... know what I mean...
What's it like then... ? know it... I love em all.. thanks for starting this thread... it's terrific!!!!

StopThatItsSilly: ............................................................You're not supposed to be smoking that.

Kasmira at 10:09 am January 18

LIVE @ the Hollywood Bowl <3

thewastelandr at 9:12 am January 21


The Ex-Leper: I am sorry if I may be interupting anything any of you might be doing at home, but I would like for you to think of my as an old queen...err friend."

thewastelandr: My nipples explode with delight!
If I could walk that way, I wouldn't need the aftershave.
Well, I noticed the lad with the thermonuclear device was the Chief Constable for the area.
Mr. Notlob, there's nothing wrong with you that an expensive operation can't prolong!
I'm afraid I'm not personally qualified to confuse cats.

"You got an alarm clock in there, sir?"
"No! No, heavens, no, no...just vests."
"Sounded a bit like an alarm clock going off."
"Oh, it can't have been. It must have been a vest...uh...go- going off."

WolfSpirit: Haha this is funny... why?

Because... well first background...

my phone sucks... it's a old phone and on a prepaid plan. Costs 10 cents to send tenxt and 5 to recieve and is just cruddy. It charges for everything and can't surf the web.

BUT for some odd reason it allows me to recieve facebook notifications (messages and comments on my wall and whatnot) reply to them (though only posts to the other persons wall... not the thread. And since people generally then post in that thread I can't reply or see their reply) and update my facebook status.

So For months I update my status with quotes form Monty Python lol. Started November 1st in fact lol

thewastelandr at 4:20 pm January 17

Hahaha my facebook is usually python quotes as statuses too!

Holly at 10:31 am January 18

that's funny, I've been doing that too

Stig: Shes called Incontinentia............Incontinentia Buttocks!

thewastelandr at 4:20 pm January 17

Hahahaha! I just watched Life of Brian (for the millionth time) today and was dying laughing at that part! My roommate thinks I'm crazy!

Paute at 3:28 pm January 17

Jajaja i don´t remember that!

thewastelandr: He has a wife, you know. Do you know what she is called?

Laura Harris: "what the curtins?"

The Ex-Leper: Ten?! Are you trying to insult me?! Me, with a poor dying grandmother! Ten?!
It's only a model
He's Having a go at the flowers now!

Holly: "Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man. Good morning, madam, I'm a psychiatrist. "You look like a milkman to me. " "Good, I am in fact dressed as a milkman... you spotted that. Well done. " "Go away"

thewastelandr: Do you want to come back to my place?
Yeah alright.

Paute at 10:14 am January 16


Holly: "No, you may not give urine instead of blood."
"I want to buy some cheese."
"Don't call me "Señor!" I'm not a Spanish person. You must call me Mr. Biggles or Group Captain Biggles, or Mary Biggles if I'm dressed as my wife, but never "Señor!"

thewastelandr at 4:44 pm January 15

Good ones!!

Oh I thought you were referring to me. Mr. Wensleydale.

mrsCutout: And now for something completely different
"I want to be...a lion tamer"
Romanes eunt domus!
"milan is better than napoli"
"i'm 37 i'm not old!
Later dear!

Romanes Eunt Domus: "BURMA!"
"Why did you say Burma?"
"I panicked."

"No, but penguins do. There, I've run rings around you logically."
"Oh, intercourse the penguin."

mrsCutout at 3:42 pm January 15

haha i love that!

thewastelandr: There is only one thing in the world worse than being witty, and that is not being witty.
I wish I had said that.
You will, Oscar, you will.

The Ex-Leper: What do you mean 'UGH?' I DON't LIKE SPAM!

Stig: "You'll never leave this bookshop alive!"

"Why not?"

"You know too much my dental friend!"