My manifesto

Those of you wishing to stalk me over the internets, rejoice. I'm putting it out in the open.
I'm Rui, I was born in May the 8th '95, which, by a very happy coincidence, is also my birthday. Talk about luck, eh? I've always been into arts, starting on music lessons from very early. Just around 8am, which is early by anyone's standards. I am now in music college by the way, taking a course in composition.
Given my love for arts in general, Films (and TV shows) have always caught my attention. I like aything from drama to action, through comedy, and even Monty Python.

Aaah, Python. There's nothing more exciting than watching six english middle-aged blokes trying to make people laugh by ocasionally being in drag. My quest with Python started when I was around 12, when my mate's dad made us watch the Holy Grail. I laughed the hardest I'd ever laughed. From then, I went to the internets and illegally downloaded every single thing Python had ever made, not paying them a single penny. Yes, I know it is, technically, stealing, but quoting The Amazing Kargol, "Make a thing illegal, and it acquires a mystique.". Please be nice and don't rat me out to them.
Now, I've seen the movies and the whole of Flying circus way more than trice, and can lipsync most of their material. Weirdly, I'm proud of myself for that.

And now for something completely different, what I want to do with my life:
For as unrealistic as it may sound, I want to make a career out of music. I want to work the shit out of it. I want to be able to make my own music and spread it through the world, like sifilis, but less, you know, unpleasent. I also want to start writing some comedy sketches, like Python's, and setting them free over a dedicated Youtube channel. More news on that later, since I've not much time for those silly activities.

Hope you enjoy your stalking of this person I call myself, and feel free to contact me about anything you like! I probably won't bother replying anyway, but you should go for it.


Post scriptum: I am also secretely a mouse.

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mrsCutout: HEEEEEYYYYYYYY! I'm rather late but Welcome!!!!!!

Junker the Silly Walker: Ohhh hey....hi!!!
You're boring.

thepalincleeselovechild: Someone the same age as me. Huzzahhhh! Welcome, welcome. :)

PythonDJgirl: Brilliant! Whats up? haha