My station ;)

I'm a fan of Monty Python ;)
It was my dad who told me of Monty Python.
I was interested in it.
I searched and became more and more interested.
I'm a fan of Michael Palin the most.
He is the coolest and hardly.
When I had seen clips of them, it became more fun.
I laugh a lot of it and enjoy.
I hope that I get from friends here who are also fan of Michael Palin
I come from Sweden.
Is anyone coming from there so please contact me!

Thx, for the comments!
uhh, I have more pictures that i can show you.
if you want to see or copy the text of sketches here you got the page:
I'm gonna put in more pictures of Michael Palin and the rest of Monty Python.
If you are from Sweden/England/USA then contact me ;)
I don't care, just that you can write on english so I can understand you.
Here are some more ;)(pictures)

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mrsCutout: Check Lady April's Drool blog it is every michael's fan paradise!

Lady and Laird Candermine:

Greetings to you Emmizzee nice to meet you!!! ....

Colonel Daughter: glad to meet you *does the fish slapping dance* -- how is it that there are so many scandinavian MP fans? Is there something that I don't know, or is it just a coincidence?

the_thina at 5:48 pm May 22

I think its just that we have much the same sense of humor as the brittish. bbc-comedies have always been popular here, more so than american ones

Colonel Daughter at 11:13 pm May 22

I see! :)

the_thina at 7:11 am May 23

well, cant speak for all of scandinavia, but all pepole I hang out with anyway. :)

Paute: Ey! Welcome!
I´m from Argentina and i invite you to group of Monty Python´s fans around the world.

Emmiizzee at 3:39 pm January 15

Of course ;)
thx :D

MontyPython93: En annan svenne har hittat hit, märker jag ;D Välkommen! :)

Emmiizzee at 3:22 pm January 15

Tack, :P

the_thina at 1:51 am January 22

ja, vi börjar bli ett gäng nu. ^^ välkommen välkommen. men "sett klipp"? har du inte sett filmerna? SPRING GENAST UT Å KÖP FLICKA LILLA!

Emmiizzee at 4:47 pm May 22

Okej, det kommer jag nog inte att göra sry.. xD

the_thina at 5:00 pm May 22

men varför inte? du måste ju se hela filmerna!

thewastelandr: Welcome! Great pic of Mike!

Emmiizzee at 4:48 pm May 22

Thx :)

WackyQueen: Tjeeenare! :D

Emmiizzee at 4:48 pm May 22

Hallå ja!

Kasmira: Hello and welcome to share your thoughts and have a damn good time! Greetings from your neighbour country, Finland (Schlip! Schlap!) 8)

Emmiizzee at 4:49 pm May 22

Sure, I do and you too!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Aha, welcome, welcome aboard da Pytho-lineo express, my Swedish friend xD
I am the vicious, insane, and overly stupid Attila the Hun... Mrs, from the vicious, most violent isle of Great Britain.

(It's always seems to be the Dad's who get us into Python :D Mine did. Thanks to him, I'm a dead hardcore fan, hehe).

Glad to meet cha. Enjoy the ride ;)

Emmiizzee at 4:48 pm May 22

Glad to meet you too! :D

Stig: Gday Em. Welcome aboard! I agree Palin is great. I'm a fan of John muhself, but Palin is definitely a close second. Got any queries feel free to ask.

Stig out!

Emmiizzee at 4:49 pm May 22

YES! ^^

arkennedy: Hello Emmiizee :) Welcome to Pythonline.

Because you are a Michael Palin fan here's a link you'll probably enjoy:

Emmiizzee at 4:49 pm May 22


Hanri: Yes welcome looneyville, and to the continuously growing Python Army! Good things pass on from generation to generation - I wonder when will we start hearing of "PythOnline Babies"? Haha, you'll never know. ;) Welcome aboard!

Emmiizzee at 4:50 pm May 22


Lady April: Welcome Em =) I am pretty huge on Palin myself but I am not in Sweden. I am in Seattle Washington U.S.A. There are members here who are in your country though!
Welconme to Pline lady - land of the sick and twisted!

Emmiizzee at 4:51 pm May 22

I just like too meet more people from other countrys! :D Thx the pictures are really great!