wanted to have this beautiful painting as my station from now on, so I create this station-post.
let me introduce you to NÄCKEN! a creature of old noric mythology. a human-like figure who lives in the water, playing his violin so beautiful that the humans gets cast under its spell and wander down in the water and drown. I may complain and bitch a lot about sweden in general (especially the long winters and the nutcases we have in the gouvourment at the moment) but I do love our old, beautiful and often scary mythology. <3
and talking to people from other countreys (someof them in here) about all these creatures has made me see them in a all new light and apreciate them even more.

basicly I make this post for ME, but if you are interested Id be happy to tell more about these creatures my grandparents told me about when I was a kid. and show the john bauer-paintings of these creatures that still makes me shiver by pleausure (this one is not a bauer though)

you also get the song about the 8 year old girl who gets killed by näcken


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madasawetsporran: \you may want to check out Siógs they are the Irish Gaelic word for the Fairy people there is also a land they believe in called Tír Nan óg ( not sure of spelling) The land of eternal youth here's a link to a great site http://www.luminarium.org/mythology/ireland/

madasawetsporran: we Celts have a similar Mythology to you ( well the Nordic races did rape \7 pillage us till we screamed more!) We have the Water Kelpies & they can lure u to death or steal ur child as a changling & then u hear their cries only on Neep tides (lunar high tide patterns)

mrsCutout: And grea vid btw!

mrsCutout: Wow this is all so very interesting!i love that mythology it's fascinating!You know this creature reminds me a bit of the Syrins of greek mythology.Magical creatures (8)that each sung only one note of the octave and together made a tune that the humn couldn't stand and were enchanted!Isn't it so great?Love mythology haha!

the_thina at 6:09 pm August 24

yes, I love old mythologies/folklore. but dont know that many from other countreys. ofcorse nordic mythology (that includes like sweden, norway, finland, iceland, denmark and england I think) you know viking gods and so on.
but dont know that many of these from other parts of the world. like creatures in nature and so on. but oh well, thats one good thing about internet. :)

madasawetsporran at 5:53 pm February 24

The English per say (Anglo saxons) don't have a great history of Myth as we Celts (Welsh Irish Scots) they are a more dilute race & lost their Pagan ID a long time ago until they found it in football now they believe they can win another world cup !! Phwah haaar harrr :)

mrsCutout at 6:51 am August 25

Well yes internet is great for these things.Well I can't claim I know much of nordic mythology but it always fascinated me(especialy after lord of the Rings) and i did look it up a bit.But greek mythology is pretty much the same.The only things that change are the names and maby some story details haha!

the_thina at 9:34 am August 25

haha, after lord of the rings? apart from some names of places (middleerath = midgård = were the humans live in nordic mythology) it dont have much in common with nordic mythology at all. :P
but yeah, I know you have basicly the same old god in greece that we do, just they have different names. ^^
zeus was like oden if I remember correctly... and then.... my memory fails me... hahaha

thewastelandr at 12:37 pm August 27

Tolkien was an expert on Norse mythology! Oh to have half of that man's knowledge!

the_thina at 3:21 pm August 27

thats very possible, but it dont change the fact that apart from the name middle-earth the books dont have much to do with it. :P

thewastelandr at 5:57 pm August 27

As far as precise names go, you're right. But his versions of elves and dwarves, etc., come directly from Norse mythology.

the_thina at 6:26 pm August 27

not really... elfes are not human size in our old mythology. or alv as they are called here is a male version of älva. they are small bewinged magical creatures, a bit like a fairy. when you see mist on a field its because they are dancing on it.
dont forget I live here and know these stories inside out. ^^

thewastelandr at 6:43 am August 28

The dwarves are associated with rocks and metalwork in LOTR and in Norse mythology. There is a Norse elf king named Gandalf. There are also lots of stories about the crossbreeding between elves and men (like Tolkien's Beren and Luthien and Aragorn and Arwen), and many many more elements he borrowed. I know you know the mythology inside and out, but I fancy myself a sort of Tolkien expert. :)

the_thina at 12:30 pm August 28

haha ok. ^^ speaking of that, have you had the chanse to look up ronja rövardotter/ronia robbersdaughter or bröderna lejonhjärta/brothers lionheart yet? as I said, I think you are gonna love them. :)

thewastelandr at 9:37 am August 29

I did get a book from the library and it was really cool! I would love to read more but unfortunately my stack of books to read is already a mile high! Thank you for the reference :)

the_thina at 2:08 pm August 29

oh good, I knew you would like them. think you would love the movies as well. (allan edwall, the cutest little old man of an actor this countrey has seen is in both of them) but maybe they are harder to find in the US than the books are.

sorda at 9:07 am August 29

Ooh, I just have to say: I love Astrid Lindgren! Her books are actually very popular here in Finland.
I should buy Swedish copies at least of some of them (Ronja, Mio, Bröderna...), but for some reason I haven't done it yet...
So, thewastelandr: read them, if you some time have a chance! You really should.

(And what comes to Tolkien - I really like the way he mixed Scandinavian, Finnish and other European mythology and folklore, even though some one could say that it makes him not-so-original.)

the_thina at 2:13 pm August 29

yes, astrid lindgren was a wonderul woman. has filled my childhood with so much joy. and I knew she is pretty popular in other scandinavian countreys, and I have heard that karlsson på taket for some reason is very popular in china or if it was germany. haha.
have you ever read any maria gripe? she wrote kids-books too, but often a little more like ghost-stories, and she has been translatet to other languages as well. very very good, different from astrid, yes, but very talanted anyway

sorda at 4:28 pm August 29

Hm, I believe I haven't. I cheched our library's website and I found two of her books, "...och de vita skuggorna i skogen" and "skuggornas barn". They don't sound familiar to me - but I actually haven't borrowed any childern's books in some 10 years, I think.
But they sound interesting, maybe I have to take a look at these book when I visit library next time.

I remember how nurses read us Emil-, Pippi- and Bullerby-books when I was in kindergarten. And during my first thee school years our teacher read us at least Mio min Mio, Bröderna Lejonhjärta, Ronja and one Kalle Blomkvist-book.

Jag förstår inte, varför jag först skrev nästan varje andra ord på svenska. :D Men jag tror att det är bättre att hela texten är skriven (jag hatar perfektparticip!) på engelska.
Hoppas att jag har skrivit den här rätt... Men jag ska ha min studentexamen i svenska i september (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o) så jag måste träna! :---D

the_thina at 4:54 pm August 29

oooh, well those two books are really great, but they are part of a series, they are two more books in it you sort of have to read to understand whats going on. but that particular series is my favourite-books by her. the two others are called "skuggan över stenbänken" and "skugg-gömman" well, they are probobly more youth-books than kids-books, but I read them when I was 8 the first time. :)

oh yes. you know, here in sweden she used to be on television reading from her books, and also read almost every audio-book-version herself. just the sound of her voice makes me go all warm and fuzzy inside. <3

ja, jag tror det är bättre att även om vi förstår svenska båda två (jag förstår dock INTE finska) att skriva på engelska just här inne. men din svenska är bra! dock tror jag du menar "alla andra ord" inte "varje anndra ord" :)

mrsCutout at 5:48 am August 27

OOh I knew that about Oden!! And about Lord of the rings.But in the docus they said he based his characters etc on the nordic mythology so I got interested in it!But well you know history repeats itself plus people at the time tried to explain the natural phenomenons so it's quite normal for mythologies of different countries to be alike.

the_thina at 12:06 pm August 27

yeah. you know, some older people here still say "now is tor out with his wagon" whenever its a thunderstorm. tor was the god who caused thunder by riding around in a horse-draged wagon. I like that expression. :)

mrsCutout at 3:31 pm August 27

Haha I had no idea about that! Well here people don't say that about thunders(they usualy mention clouds that bumb) but they do mention some of the old gods for other reasons like in proverbs!

sorda: I've also heard stories about näcken - or näkki, as the creature is called here in Finland. I live a place surrounded by lakes so my mom and granmom told me not to go by water alone or näkki would come and draw me under water.
Actually I didn't know that stories about näkki are known also in Sweden.

I liked that song, and even understood the lyrics! Some results of my five year Swedish studies. :D

the_thina at 2:40 pm August 24

haha, I lived in a place surounded by big big woods, so my mom and granny told me about bysen, a sort of a troll living in the woods making people get lost forever and starve to death. but he is EXTREMELY local, its only on gotland, the island where I grew up, people know who he is, no other place in sweden.

oh, happy to hear you liked it. :) the band, dia psalma, were pretty big here in the 90s, they are very good

The Ex-Leper: oooh that does sound neat! I love stuff like that : )

the_thina at 9:34 am March 02

yeah me too. and since I live in a countrey that is about 80% forest we have all sorts of old storys about creatures that live in those forests. :)

Lvndr HppE at 2:04 pm March 03

Oooh. That sounds very "Brother's Grimm".

the_thina at 1:19 am March 04

haha, yeah it is actually. we had for example a creature called bysen who was the ghost of the forest. he had been a lumberjack in life, but he stayed after death, and when he sees a human doing something to the trees that he dont like he casts a spell over that humans eyes so he/she cant find the way out of the wood but have to walk around in the forest until he/she starves to death.

Lvndr HppE at 3:18 pm March 04

Ooh, harsh. But pretty nice for the trees.

the_thina at 4:11 pm March 04

haha yeah, but our old folk-stories are like that. very few ends with something nice

doraExplora at 9:17 am August 23

why are forests so enchanting, and their creatures so enigmatic, that there are rarely good outcomes to the stories?