Sid Station Pic

Just a station picture : )

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mrsCutout: Hehe cuteness all over!Great pic did you do it?

LemonCurry95 at 5:52 am August 09

Ha, very cute : ) I didn't make it, I found it on the almighty internet and fell in love with much Sid in one picture!!!

mrsCutout at 6:05 am August 09

Haha yes so true! So much Sid! Hmm still it's a pretty pic!!!aww

LemonCurry95 at 7:36 am August 09

Hehe : ) Thanks x Very pretty ; D

the_thina: what a cute boy he was. and what a tragic life. :(

LemonCurry95 at 11:45 am August 08

Yeah x He was lovely : ) He didn't deserve what he ended up with. And bloody Nancy Spungen! She was awful.
I love that pic of him in the bottom left hand corner. Always makes me smile : )

the_thina at 2:28 am August 09

you know, I acctually dont hate nancy. just as I dont hate yoko. I dont know them so its unfair to walk around and say you hate someone then.
ok, maybe sid would ba alive now if they never met, but maybe he wouldnt.
the drugs was there anyway, you know his mother was a junkie, and he was doing drugs with her when he was like 12 years old.
and she also confessed on her death-bed that it was her who cooked up his last fix, the one that killed him.
so yeah, nancy had a part to play in it, but it cant all be blamed on her.

LemonCurry95 at 5:50 am August 09

Yeah I know about his mum being a junkie as well : ( Nancy just made him worse though. He really loved her and she could have helped him, but she didn't. She wasn't a particularly nice person though, if you hear anything about her from the people who knew her who were friends with Sid. They all say that she was poison for him.
Obviously she didn't deserve to die, nobody that young deserves to die, but she wasn't doing Sid any good. It's just horrible to think that nearly everyone who knew Sid, even Malcolm MacLaren, tried to seperate him from Nancy cause they knew what she was doing to him. MacLaren even had her kidnapped at one point! It's kinda horrible to think that Nancy babied Sid so much he almost depended on her :. (
I dunno. Drugs are horrible. They're to blame, I s'pose.

the_thina at 8:56 am August 09

yeah, my main view on life is "hate the drug, not the junkie"
they were both broken kids, they may have ended up in early graves even if they never met.
but in their strange and sad lifes another broken person made them feel more whole if you get my drift.
and the thing about nancy... she sufferd from depressions all her life, she probobly had ADHD and other fancy letter-sicknesses and so on. but she was far from stupid, in fact she had a high enough IQ to be in mensa, just that the things she had going against her became to much so she started self-medicating.
I guess you have read the book her mother wrote? I feel she is putting too much blame on nancy though, its easy to say everything was the fault of a now dead kid... and I honestly DONT think sid killed her (I have read much on this topic, I think it was that drug-dealer)
and lets not forget there are (at least) 2 sides to every story, and both can be just as true, just seen from different angels

LemonCurry95 at 10:39 am August 09

No, I've never read the book she wrote. I've really gathered my opinion on Nancy Spungen from the stuff I've seen and heard from Sid's friends, and people who knew the pair. Most if not all of them have a low opinion of Nancy. I can understand that she might well have suffered from her own problems, but she had the power to help Sid. He really loved her; he spent more time with her than anyone else. He was drawn to her because he was this shy, young bloke who was good looking but kind of awkward around girls, and she was this blond, bold, leather-clad new yorker. She really got him dependant on her and the heroin, though. as for the whole murder thing, i don't want to believe that he murdered her. but the sad thing is, there are only two people who know exactly what happened, and those people are Sid and Nancy.