Splunge! I need more Eric! (Mike is welcome to) (Actually everyone is welcome)

I need Eric pictures. My collection is woefully low.... and I want more Mike pictures... just... cause.
Though seriously I just want more Python Pictures... Mostly Eric... lots of Mike... tons of groups... and a healthy pinch of the rest.

Naughty bits are more then welcome *Know what I mean, Know what I mean? Wink Wink Nudge Nudge Say no more.*

So post please! All your favorites.

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MontyPythonrocks18: sorry i didnt mean to post it two times, i thinks its the websites fault..


what about this super cute of him as a toddler? :)))))


what about this super cute of him as a toddler? :)))))

Paute: I dedicated the album >> http://pythonline.com/media/eric-idle-pictures#comment-18980853 Enjoy!

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Paute: See my post! I upload new pictures of Eric (and naked!)


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WolfSpirit at 9:17 pm December 29

I need lots of self control to not start python the sketch lol

So is your wife a.... goer. Know what I mean know what I mean?

Your wife... does she goes?

I bet she does I bet she does.

lol Thats all I'll do now lol

TheSister91: hi WolfSpirit and nice to meet you! I'm the Sister91 and I have tons of pics of Pythons in every sauce! LOL
I have to say that once there was a lovely gallery (which has been reported confusely and just partly) where you could have found ALL THE PYTHONS PICS WE?VE BEEN POSTED! you can ask anyone how it was comfortable to have it... anyway I'll add my fave pics as soon as I get some precious pics ;).
enjoy your staying in here!!

WolfSpirit at 12:15 am December 27

lol yay python ics lol

awww its sad the gallery is gone

can't wait to ee more pics! Remember... mostly Eric with plenty Mike and group lol

TheSister91 at 10:55 am December 27

all right all right!! btw thanks for accepting my request!!


a little screencap I *had* to make. :)

WolfSpirit at 11:12 pm December 20

AHAHAHA ERIC You adorable little man lol

the_thina at 12:00 am December 21

haha, yes he is adorable in deed. this bit of the video got me laughing so hard. was expecting him to say "fuck off" or "how the hell should I know?" or start to sing the spam-song or something. but this was very much funnier. :)

Lady and Laird Candermine at 2:29 pm December 22

ha ha ha .... Eric... eric.... I agree you are ADORABLE!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93:

The Bee-Gee look xD


from the first movie with him I ever saw

thewastelandr at 8:17 pm February 02

What movie??? Love them both!

Romanes Eunt Domus at 9:33 pm February 02

Nuns on the Run. Yes I'm stealing the answer because I think I remember something. I think George Harrison had just died a couple weeks before and this came on the TV. I noticed George in the credits as producer (or was it executive producer), so I decided to watch in his honor. Then I saw who was starring. :)

Lessons learned from this movie:
1. Never piss off 80s stock villains; you will always be absurdly out manned and out gunned.
2. Don't look for the movie police; they will always be far too late to be of use.
3. Some guys just like dressing as ladies and will use every opportunity to do so.

thewastelandr at 9:42 pm February 02

Lovely... I'm definitely putting this on my list of movies to watch!


this is frightfully attractive to me. yes I know Im twisted

Fettle at 2:51 am December 19

Now thats just HOT!!!!!

WackyQueen at 1:47 pm December 23

Very nice. Very nice indeed!

ErictheFruitbat at 12:58 pm December 23

Holy shit, (s)he's hot! It aint fair, he looks better in an corset than I do! (All right, it really doesn't take that much to look better than me in any type of clothing what so ever, but still! He's a man! He's not supposed to look so effin' sexy and hot and... womanly. Oh dear. I think my mind exploded the first time I saw that pic. Some top quality Mike/Eric fanfiction definately needed, with Eric wearing the hothothot goth lingerie, of course.

WolfSpirit at 9:56 pm December 23

YESYESYES! I was wanting that written to.. if I could I totally would but I can't. Eric/Mike is my ONLY pairing. I don't like slash and pairings are boring... yet for some reason I ship Eric/Mike majorly.

Yes... Eric wearing that outfit... like for halloween or something. Mke finding him self strangly attracted.

One thing leads to another and Eric seduces Mike slowly and nervously into bed lol

ErictheFruitbat at 7:11 am December 25

Well, there you go, Wolfspirit, we have a plot already! And strangely enough, that's almost excatly the type of plot I've been dreaming... ups, thinking of. ;D I like slash but Python slash is relatively new to me, though I did find the idea very hmm, interesting. The moment I realised there might somebody else out there who likes to imagine Pythons together in all sort of naughty situations, I went straight to Google and what did I find! A whole community all dedicated to naughty stories of our dear Python boys. http://community.livejournal.com/pythonslash/

Yes, I love Mike/Eric too. I also like Mike/Terry and even Eric/Terry, though there isn't too many stories of that particular pairing. But your idea for a Mike/Eric in goth corset storie is a good one! Now I almost feel I must lose my Python slash writing virginity and try to compose a fanfic... And if not, it's always good to have some new material to fantasise about on those cold lonely nights... Ups, did I say that out loud! ;D

WolfSpirit at 9:30 pm December 25

LOL Yea.... Slash itself is new to me.. I don't like romance or list at all... and I HATE slash... Pythin is the first time I've ever slahed anyone lol.

Yep.. I'm on that community... Wolf Spirit... I've posted the story I was basically flamed for posting at all... All Alone in the Dark... It's Mike/Eric. My first Python story i;ve written and first slash i've written and first of... THAT situation I've written lol.

I could try to write it... if I know I'll have at least one person for an audience... so go the site and read/comment with the story I posted... if you think it's good I will have the confidence to make more. lol.

ErictheFruitbat at 9:46 am December 26

Oh, so I noticed that there's a similar nick in Pythonslash. I thought it might be you. I don't have a nick in pythonslash yet, as I am quite new to that genre, so to speak. But I read your fic All alone in the dark. I liked it, it was quite well written and I liked to way you wrote Mike and Eric, escpesially Mike. Sort of nervous, innocent, even a bit afraid about the feelings he's having, that's how I always imagine Mike to be. :D And I must admit, when I read about the power cuts from Mike's diaries, my mind immediately jumped to naughty conclusions...

WolfSpirit at 10:32 pm December 26

lol Wolf Spirit is my online screen name for nearly everything (or wolf_spirit16 or other things like that)

So obviously Wolf is my online name... and therefor my author name lol

lol i'm glad you liked it... considering it was the first time I've ever written something like that... (Python... slash... and sexytimes lol)

Well.... then... if your interested I could try that fic we were talking about with this picture as a base. I can attempt to go a little further into what goes on to.

If you have a livejounral you should add me... we can talk more.... openly there about this all lol

ErictheFruitbat at 4:40 am December 27

Yes, yes, yes, do try and write it! I don't have a livejournal, I'm a afraid, but I'll be happy to help you writing that story. Like, giving tips about the plot, perhaps read the work in progress if u like and such. I study literature and writing so if u need any help in that area, like how to develop the characters or their relationship or anything, just ask me. U can send me a personal message in here if u like. :) Jay, long live pythonslash!

WolfSpirit at 10:14 pm December 27

You should make a live journal lol.

Haha I really can't see this so much as a development kinda thing.... more of a oneshot 'he gets him in bed' kinda thing.... depending how far I feel like going with it... I'll have to see how I feel when I write it lol.

Probably might at least send you it as I write it though... since your seem like the most interested as Pythonslash is basically dead anyway lol

ErictheFruitbat at 4:04 am December 28

Haha, sorry, let my imagination run away with me, again. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing, so naturally I thought that everybody wants to take as much time as possible with developing the story and paying attention to every little detail. :D But yes, please, send me the story when u get it written! And the offer is still on so if u need any help with it, I'm more than glad to help.

WolfSpirit at 1:45 pm December 28

lol Well... see in my normal stories I generally kinda do that... but they're The Monkees and I haven't written anything in a long time. But yea.. my first real major writing thing was a story pretty much exclusivly ABOUT the development of characters...

But this story dosen't seem to be that type lol.

I will send it to you when I write it... But the thing is messages here don't work for me. So need another way.

Or I'll just post it stright to livejournal and you can read it there even if you don't have an account lol.

Up to you lol

the_thina at 9:13 pm December 25

hmmm... why not eric/graham or mike/graham. I think gray was a terrible attractive man... he an eric was the 2 most attractive pythons in my eyes, always. threw mike in there since I know most fancy him.
but maybe pepole dont want to read it because gray acctually DID have sex with men... hmmm

ErictheFruitbat at 9:56 am December 26

I don't know, somehow I don't find Gray interesting in that sense, I mean, he was brilliant and everything and I really admire him, but I don't see him as sexually interesting. But then again, I am really picky about men, in fact the less they look like typical men the better. :D Eric was a great excample about a really beautiful, even quite feminine looking man. I like androgyne looking people. The same goes with Mike, he was and is just such a sweetheart it's nearly impossible not to feel attracted to him. And well, two beautiful men together, somehow the idea is just quite a turn on, even if I don't find male bodies interesting in real life.

the_thina at 11:07 pm December 27

haha. but since I am a lesbian, I dont find any men sexually interesting. LOL. but I can see if a man is attractive, and gray was a very beautiful man. only thing (exept for THE thing, that is his penis) Im not a fan of is the chest-hair. but at least that was blonde so you did not see it that much as you would if it was dark. haha

WolfSpirit at 10:40 pm December 26

Yea... I kinda agree.. I mean I love Gray... but I think I'd like him more as a friend then sexually attractive... and seeing as slash's main purpose is to have romantic/ext things without the annoyance of female characters lol

I really have no reason why I like Mike and Eric slashed... considering I could be considered the head of anti-slash... in all fandoms. And anti-sexytimes... and anti-romance.

Well... at leat I'm breaking the rule with one and one pairing only so I still am strict lol

WolfSpirit at 9:34 pm December 25

lol I dunno... I just like Mike/ Eric... one... dunno why lol But hey... I've always been picky about my fanfics... i need to hold on that even if I broke my rule of no slash.

That community has... I dunno... it does have graham with others... If you like slash you can probably find some good graham fics there... I already have read all of the almost non-existent Mike/Eric. lol

the_thina at 9:50 pm December 25

dont know what a slash is even Im afraid. haha

WolfSpirit at 10:17 pm December 25

.... like Mike/Eric pairing... or Grey/John... or whatever.

Two people(or characters) of the same sex in some fandom paired together... either romantic, sexual, whatever.

My definition of slash is when at least one of the people or characters is straight and basically turned gay for the story (so hence John/Grey since John is straight)

In fact... WIKIPEDIA!
"Slash fiction is a genre of fan fiction that focuses on the depiction of romantic or sexual relationships between fictional characters. it is now often used to refer to any fan story containing a pairing between same-sex characters, The characters are usually not engaged in such relationships in their respective fictional universes. "

This also works for actors... like the python boys or other actors... But it's usually classified as RPS... or Real Person Slash... And RPS is very controversial... for obvious reasons.

Though seriously... if I was famous and someone wrote a story about me sexing a friend... I'd be disturbed for a moment... then be rather flattered and be like "Um... that bit there isn't quite right... rewrite it then get back to me" lol

the_thina at 3:58 am December 26

oh,I see. if I was famous I dont think I wouldmind... but since Im gay. if someone wrote aboutme and helena b-c for example, that would be more my fantsay then. LOL. geougous woman that. (you know, she plays bellatrix lestrange for example, and marla singer and loads of tim burton-movies) haha

WolfSpirit at 10:45 pm December 26

Well.. in your case pairing you with a male would be closer to the same level of pairing like... Mike with any male

Yea I know her... mostly because she's in most of Burton's movies... and Johnny Depp works with Burton a lot... and I love Johnny Depp... cause he's a good actor, believe it or not... I'm one of the straight chicks that wouldn't fancy doing anything with him. She was Lovette in Sweeney Todd (love that movie)

ErictheFruitbat at 9:38 am December 26

Ooh, I love Helena as well! A really beautiful woman, in my opinion. And a fantastic actress as well. I like slash, have ever since I first started reading books (which was about the day I was born, sooo... :D) and used to imagine my favourite herous in all sorts of sexy/romantic situations with each other. In fact I'm writing my master's thesis in literature about slash and fanfiction in general. By the way, Thina, I'm a dyke as well, nice to meet another one of the Opposite team so to speak. Also I'm Finnish so I understant we are practically neighbours? I understood that you are from Sweden?

thewastelandr at 6:00 am December 26

I love Helena! She's an amazing actress and so pretty in a creepy sort of way. Have you seen Sweeney Todd?

the_thina at 6:19 am December 26

you are not alone! *drool*
oh yes, I have seen sweeney todd. have seen all burtons movies. :)

thewastelandr at 12:34 pm December 26

Yes! Burton is amazing! Python fans have great taste! ;)

the_thina at 2:58 am December 19

you can say that again! good to know Im not the only one. ^^

the_thina at 3:02 am December 19

heres the clip btw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4ArY4_5n1E
love the way he is gesturing here. soft wrists know what I mean know what I mean

Fettle at 1:47 am December 22

ahhhh i wish there was more!! Why cant he do a whole film dressed like that, Rocky Horror remade or something....grrrrr