Splunge! I need more Eric! (Mike is welcome to) (Actually everyone is welcome)

I need Eric pictures. My collection is woefully low.... and I want more Mike pictures... just... cause.
Though seriously I just want more Python Pictures... Mostly Eric... lots of Mike... tons of groups... and a healthy pinch of the rest.

Naughty bits are more then welcome *Know what I mean, Know what I mean? Wink Wink Nudge Nudge Say no more.*

So post please! All your favorites.

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the_thina at 3:11 am December 22

we have allready made plans... travel back in time, re-shoot the whole movie with python as cast.but gray is frank in that one. ^^

WolfSpirit at 11:07 pm December 19

*twitch* *drool* *is speechless* SEXTIMES NOW! I mean... um... *ahem* He's not supposed to be so damn sexy like that! *Can think of no more words and my mind disappears into the gutter*

the_thina at 11:26 pm December 19

haha. it was probobly ment to be more funny and to some shocking than hot, but ooooh yeah its hot allright.

WolfSpirit at 11:39 pm December 19

lol I'm feeling a new kinky fanfic that should be written! lol A'course i wont write it and probably wont read it cause I'm picky about my pairing lol.

But damn it's hot lol. Not sure he realizes it though... then or now lol

the_thina at 12:15 am December 20

dont thing he realizes it at all. if he is not sneaking around in here and read our conversation that is. haha. but who knows, he may have had a kinky girl at some point who has told him. ^^

WolfSpirit at 10:04 pm December 20

*wide eyes*

Seriously.. it would in one way be horrible if he read our conversations... but in another unbelievably funny.

Since I have no shame I'd be more amused if he saw out conversations though I'm pretty sure I'm one of the only ones lol I really would want to see id reactions though lol.

Truthfully I've censored myself sooo much on here though.

I mean... I haven't posted a certain brain breaking fanfic for one lol. Trying to be child appropriate here... or at least normal people appropriate lol.

the_thina at 10:27 pm December 20

hahaha. I would not mind if he read this. the man has a sense of humor as we all know, and I think he would be giggeling lots and lots about it. :) and if he knows that I, even if I am a dyke, think he is terrible attractive. well, then he would be flattered I guess, and nothing wrong with that.
and when it comes to my perverted mind.... well, I am a PROUD PERVERT! XD

haha. it would be good for a restricted area in here maybe, for all the worse things.. no member under 15 is allowed in. :P

sit-on-my-face at 2:49 pm December 21

Hey! That's not fair!!!

WolfSpirit at 11:21 pm December 21

It is fair... I mean... my mind gets pretty scary... It's ok for me to disturb an 18 year old, but not under 15 lol.

Don't make me give you an example lol

the_thina at 11:25 pm December 21

yeah. and I was not saying that all nude pics would be in there, just sex-oozing (porno) fan-fiction.:) on curryfest (tim curry comunity) there is LOTS of them, but about him of course not the pythons, and they can be very fun to read. :)

WolfSpirit at 11:33 pm December 21

lol yea... some naughty pics... some naughty fics.... plenty naughty discussion lol. And nothing censored or held back.

NOT appropriate for the innocent mind for sure lol

the_thina at 11:55 pm December 21

yeah. but the pics can be posted where the ones under 15 can see them as well, so no little girl gets angry. :)

WolfSpirit at 6:40 pm December 22

lol Yea... well... maybe not the penis ones though lol. But all the other pictures are fine lol

the_thina at 11:12 pm December 21

haha. how old are you then dear? :P

sit-on-my-face at 12:07 pm December 22

me? 14! I'm still fresh and firm and I'm in love with cardinal de richelieu. And yes, "he's too clever for us naughty people"!!!

the_thina at 1:32 pm December 22

haha.but then you just have to wait 1 year. :P
welcometo the wonderful world of python btw if you are kinda new to them.:) personally Ive been a fan for soon 20 years, so I have a big collection. :P but its not complete yet so I still have lovely things to discover too. :)

WolfSpirit at 6:48 pm December 22

lol yea... I've been a fan... erm... lemme think... I went to europe when I was... um... 11 and I liked Python before that... sooo... i think I've liked Python since I was 7 or 8...
But that was more of a just liking it kinda thing (I remember getting the DVD set, one a month in the mail... and being excited to watch it)

Now I've become obsessed.... and it's even funnier when you get some of the more sutble jokes or ones you appreciate more with experiance lol So I'm glad I've rewatched the whole series lol I love sketches I only liked or didn't like back in the day lol

but that puts be to around 12 or 13 years of liking Python.

Haha collection I'm horrible. I was at this place, Disk Replay. They buy and sell used video games, dvds, cds, records. You know those things.

I stopped in and was like "meh... I'll see if they have a Python record... they usually don't but I'll check"
i got in and decided for the hell of it to see if they had any movies... I walked over... and started hyper ventalating. There was like... 10 holy grails, 2 LOB and 1 MOL and 1 Monty Python Live Vol1.
I got a HG (a special edition with the movie... diologue... thingy lol) and LoB the Emaculate Edition.... yess I left my facotire movie behind... but thats because It was only 1 disk and the other two are harder to find (LoB for example....Usually around $20 and I got it for $8)

Then i felt bad cause it IS around christmas and I should be spending money on gifts... or hoping to get these for christmas lol. I mean am in so much debt with non-paied rent to my dad it's not even funny lol.

I have no self control lol

the_thina at 7:23 pm December 22

yeah, I think I was between 8 and 12 when I first saw life of brian and loved it. but dont remember exactly when it was... but it can have been when I was 8, that was the year after graham died and makes sense that they would showit then... but then again, python on tv always makes sense for me. :) but I know I had small problems with the subtitels, so I can even have been 7, THE year graham died.

and yeah, obsession came later on for me too. but I have a way of getting obsessed with stuff, its my asbergers I think.. its a bit emaricing, but hey, I am not the only person who is like that. :)

WolfSpirit at 9:53 pm December 22

Yea... on some tv channel it played Flying Circus... I think i first saw it there... then my dad ordered the dvds and I stopped watching it on tv and started watching the dvds. I didn't see Holy grail till sometime in high school. And I didn't see LoB or Hollywood Bowl till it was on the IFC marathon last month or whenever that was. I didn't see MoL till I rented a few days before halloween lol. Still not seen ANFSCD.

I think, actually, at least one station always plays Python lol.

haha I can't imagine watching Python with subtitles. Miss to much on screen.. (like... this one german episode of Python.... some restaurant... I forgot. All I know is reading the subtitles I miss over half of what they do lol) I've tried watching things with subtitles, though it is better then dubbing i think. No matter what the language. lol. Thats why I just wanna like... learn alllll the languages in the world... LOL

lol I'm the same way... don't worry. Generally what I'm an actual fan of I'm obsessed with. Few things get away from that.... lol

So don't worry... I'm obsessed with Python... you're totally not alone with obsession lol

the_thina at 1:18 am December 23

well, when it comes to subtitels, when you live in a countrey that has another language than english as main language you get used to them, and learn to read and see at the same time. and besides, my english is as good that I havent really needed any subtitels since I was a teenager. and the german episode I have.. Im pretty good at german too, even if you could hear that someof them never had spoken it before. haha. when a real german person speks it I can understand the general idea of what they are saying, in a 10 words sentince I understand maybe 5-8 words and thats enough... but whit brittish pepole speaking german,well that was harder I must admit. haha.

yeah, but hey, at least in here most are obsessed with the boys I think. :P

sit-on-my-face at 2:31 pm December 22

New on the site, old in the heart! I've been a fan for 4/5 years now... it became way too big in the last two years so I had to get to talk to other pythonlovers. Nice website anyway.

the_thina at 7:27 pm December 22

haha ok. :) Im fairly new in here too, but just because I have never stumbeld upon this site until I was trying to find a group-shot with all 6 (usually gilliam is missing) in it. found one, clicked it and saw loads of coments under it. and here I was. :) signed up at once. :)

WolfSpirit at 9:57 pm December 22

lol I knew about the site but I was annoyed at the message board layout thing cause it's so messy to ignored it for the longest time lol.

Because I had livejournal... with a bunch of communities and people already so didn't see a need. It's nice here... but livejournal is still my home for obsession lol.
Unfortunately it's been slow with the Python forum's there so have been spending more time... and glad I have.. nice people here lol

WolfSpirit at 11:07 pm December 20

Me to... I'm glad I'm not alone.

Yea... considering he's read at least some Youtube comments (as he's replied to them with that video) then I'm sure he would take it fine lol. Dunno about mike... it seems he always was a little uncomfortable about it usually.


Yea. there should be... it would be better for my censorship to not have to censor myself lol. Livejournal is fun but sad that it's the only place I can flaunt the naughtyness lol

I do wish it was a little easier organized here. I'm used to places like pro-boards where you have everything neatly organized. lol

the_thina at 11:27 pm December 20

haha, yeah that video is aces. love it. :) and he must be pretty used to crazy fans like us. haha. and you know, back in the day it was HE who created this site Ive heard. also heard that he in fact does visit it now and then so... HELLO ERIC IF YOU SEE THIS! ;) and apparently he was greatly amused about the "yummy"-tag. (dont know for how long you have been around, but under that tag is a collection of pics and so on pepole have found extra exiting, and he has quite the number of hits on that one) ^^

dont know what livejournal is Im afraid. :/ but Ive never been to shy about... well... lets say my desiers. haha.

yeah. but they re-made the site a while back, lots of stuff is still happening

WolfSpirit at 2:48 pm December 21

FUCKIONG JESUS CHRIST ROLLER SKATING IN A HAND BASKET! It didn't tell me I posted so I posted twice lol... Fucking piece of shit!

... *ahem* I mean... lol. Anger managment clases pshaw!

WolfSpirit at 2:44 pm December 21

Really is fun lol

I think it would be great if he actually made this place lol.

Haha Well if he knows people think he (and the others) are yummy.. .he shouldn't be to shocked about this....

*waves to Eric if he's reading* HI!!! Ok... take of you clothes for us... UH! I mean.. um... post naked pictures... UH! Erm... OH LOOK OVER THERE! *hides under a table... which has a tablecloth that says 'Sex Eric Idle' written all over it*
*makes a haunting kind of voice *OooooOOooo You didn't hear AnnnnNNnnyy thingggg!


You should look it up and join. It's a nice place. the comminties are pretty much mini forums and a nice plaace to meat people and get plenty fanfics or picture or ranting about how great things are all in one place. If you sign up... my username is 'wolf_spirit16'

Pshaw to remaking the site! lol

WolfSpirit at 2:27 pm December 21

lol I know... It's brilliant lol.

I know... i think it would be great if he DID create this place lol. Or at least his idea lol.

*waves* HI ERIC! Take your clothes on now for us... or post a naked picture here..... *stops self* Um... *ahem* Soooo I didn't say a thing... that last sentence was in your imagination lol

Haha He was ammused by the yummy tag. That makes me laugh... really does. At least he knows people find him and the fella's yummy... so this shouldn't be a shock to him. LOL

You should look it up and join. It's a great place for fandom. It's techinally a social journal... but I never really use it for that.... I use it for communities... like mini forums.
I mean... just python related... Python Slash... Python fics, Python pics, Python news... there's communities. Some more alive then others. It's a good place to have a centering of good fanfics or pictures lol
But yea... you should sign up lol. I can give you my screen name. It's a nice place to meet people and rant about things lol

TskTsk to remaking lol.


he was never afraid to take of his clothes.

WolfSpirit at 9:39 pm December 18

I looove that picture!......

I mean that chair is amazing!

(lol I would notive the chair... but after having seen the picture many times and having it as my wallpaper for a day or two I only noticed now lol)

the_thina at 10:22 pm December 18

haha, we had a chair like that when I was a kid, just that it was yellow. I loved it and took it with me when I moved away from home, but it broke at a party when we were 4 pepole sitting in it at once... wonder why haha

WolfSpirit at 10:56 pm December 18

LOL wooow tsk tsk.

I have a really awesome chair... It's like.. a tear drop chair I think. I'll have to take a picture of it.. it's better then that chair lol

WolfSpirit at 11:49 pm December 19

lol Well... depends on the shape I suppose... Mostly like 60s kinda things... or weird shaped things... which is good cause the 60s had a lot of interesting shaped hippie styled furniture...

the_thina at 11:07 pm December 18

tear drop? sounds interesting. are you also one of those pepole who can get completely facinated of shapes of things? I loved the shape of this chair. and it was comfy sitting in as well, but it was a joy just looking at it.

WolfSpirit at 12:02 am December 20

lol Well... depends on the shape I suppose... Mostly like 60s kinda things... or weird shaped things... which is good cause the 60s had a lot of interesting shaped hippie styled furniture... (lol wrong post)


you can keep your marxist ways but its only just a phase....

WolfSpirit at 9:33 pm December 18

Eric looks so pretty in this bit lol. I dunno why.

the_thina at 10:18 pm December 18

because he is pretty maybe? ;)

WolfSpirit at 10:27 pm December 18

...... Yep,,, that sounds about right lol

the_thina at 10:33 pm December 18

haha. ^^ I love his little dance on the desk. and johns reaction when he sees the pilgrims. XD

WolfSpirit at 10:10 pm December 20

lol the dancing is cite... John's little jump is hilarious. I love the Money Program lol


2 of my favourite men ever. <3


g´day! love the way he is swining his arms spilling out all the beer in this one. ^^

WolfSpirit at 2:37 pm December 17

I know... that's amazing. There's so much beer on the stage a the ned of this... then with Palin boy over to the other side chucking beer cans into the audience.... AND pouring it on them lol

And that hat lol

the_thina at 4:46 pm December 17

yeah. and american beer is like making love in a kanoot = fucking close to water. XD

WolfSpirit at 9:31 pm December 18

I really want the excuse to use that joke. I don't drink but that doesn't matter lol

the_thina at 10:16 pm December 18

haha, me too. but it dont make sense in swedish Im afraid, since our word for fuck just is a rude verb for having sex and not a curse

thewastelandr at 5:08 pm December 17

love that joke!

the_thina at 5:40 pm December 17

haha yeah. Im not much for word-play, but that one I do love

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