Splunge! I need more Eric! (Mike is welcome to) (Actually everyone is welcome)

I need Eric pictures. My collection is woefully low.... and I want more Mike pictures... just... cause.
Though seriously I just want more Python Pictures... Mostly Eric... lots of Mike... tons of groups... and a healthy pinch of the rest.

Naughty bits are more then welcome *Know what I mean, Know what I mean? Wink Wink Nudge Nudge Say no more.*

So post please! All your favorites.

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WolfSpirit at 2:34 pm December 17

Oh... My... GOD! He's so damn pretty!


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WolfSpirit at 10:33 pm December 16


Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 4:24 am December 18

Wow, Eric is hotness! Love the glasses :D

thewastelandr at 7:21 am December 18

I love them too! I want a pair!


put on your tutu little girlie

the_thina at 4:28 am December 17

YAY Ive been looking for a screencap from this skit! thank you! so hystericly random and funny. lookie lookie at the tummy. and the socks and shoes! and dont think I need to mention the tutu. XD

WolfSpirit at 12:15 pm December 17

lol I love this skit. Of course all I really focus on is WEUC TUMMY, LEGS AND TUTU! lol. though I'm amazed I know what was going on in the skit even as preoccupied as my mind always is lol

the_thina at 12:30 pm December 17

haha yeah. wonder if he had any idea when they were filming this that 35 years later girls like us was gonna get all worked up over the sight. ^^

WolfSpirit at 9:24 pm December 16

lol I always loved that sketch. The romance... the tutu....... the tutu... lol. Oh looky those legs lol


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WolfSpirit at 9:25 pm December 16

Thats a really good pic! I like Eric's shirt... looks like he's wearing bell bottoms to... and his hair is nice lol


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WolfSpirit at 9:25 pm December 16



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WolfSpirit at 9:26 pm December 16

OOohhhh... niccceeee.... *stares* lol


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WolfSpirit at 9:26 pm December 16

*is wordsless at this point*

The Ex-Leper:

"I want to be a woman. From now on I want you all to call me Loretta."

I'm sorry but I just can't help but quote!!! : )

WolfSpirit at 9:27 pm December 16

LORETTA! the ex-leper scene, and this scene, and the always look on the bright side. Best scenes ever lol

Stig at 11:34 pm December 16

always look on the bright side of death *do do do do do do do do*

The Ex-Leper:

"Is it the jello you don't like?"

WolfSpirit at 9:28 pm December 16

lol Eric was so cute in this lol

The Ex-Leper:

"Hello, my name is Smoketoomuch, Mr. Smoketoomuch."

BWAHAHAHA!!!! I love his face!!!!!

WolfSpirit at 9:29 pm December 16

lol I know... I love his 'wait... what?' expression about the blowjob and this screwy face for this bit lol. it's so hilarious


How about a very early pic of Eric?

Btw: You can find a ton of Eric pics on this site:

And here is a site where you can find a lot of Eric and Michael pics:


WolfSpirit at 9:31 pm December 16

OOhhh thanks muchly!