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I'm crowdfunding my new book 'Evil Machines' with the splendid chaps at Unbound http://www.unbound.co.uk/. If you pop along there you can find out all about it and pledge to support the book. If we get enough enough pledges then I'll write it and you'll get you name in it along with other assorted lovely things. This is what it says on the site:

How do you feel about your phone? Or your car? I bet you don’t think about them much, except when they go wrong. But what if they go really wrong and turn properly bad… evil, even?

Join Terry Jones on a journey into the dark heart of machines. Over the next six months you will get to lounge in Terry’s shed as he writes about the lift that took people to places they didn’t want to go, the vacuum cleaner that was too powerful and the terrifying train to anywhere. Brisk and cheerful on the outside but as dark as Roald Dahl’s finest within, Terry Jones’ collection of thirteen cautionary fables will be finished for November 2011.

Fortunately, this is just before Christmas, so you may want to order the beautifully stitched, bound and illustrated Hardback edition (if we can find a non-evil printing press to play ball). Early-bird patrons can even get a personal dedication from Terry.

In the meantime, here’s the beginning of the very first story, 'The Truthful Phone'. If you would like to listen to Terry reading the second ('The Nice Bomb'), you’ll find it in his shed once you've made a pledge.

If you'd like to pledge wander on over to http://www.unbound.co.uk/books/1

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terryjones: Well thank you all very much for your support with the Unbound thing - lovely to have been successful. I'm told there was a problem with the database, whatever that means, which meant there were some problems with people being wrongly refunded but they tell me it's all sorted out now. Do say if it's now.

I now just have to write the book......

See you in the Shed!


katithepythonfan at 5:13 am July 22

Yes, they sorted out the problem with the refunds... I'm just bit too quick to panic *blushes*

French Taunter at 11:45 am July 22

Well i was even not at home when that happen, but it made me panic anyway :/ Thanks for the news :)

mrsCutout at 4:24 pm July 22

That's great news!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Holy crud, what happened? What happened!? This monumentous achievement has to happen when I was on holiday, doesn't it? Wow wow wow, how did you get 100% in that amount of time?

Well done, congratulations, da da da da daaaa, and I can't sing Cliff Richard :p

Here Comes Another One at 6:18 pm September 20

Cliff Richard hasn't been feeling too well lately. He's now convinced that he's Clodagh Rodgers.

I'm just a jack-in-the-box...

French Taunter: Yes, now we are just looking for the decisions which are take, I think all people who gave some founds have the right to know what is going on day by day! :P

Paute: Problem fixed!

katithepythonfan: I just got my pledge returned... Am I the only one?

Julyful at 2:30 am July 20

Me too, unfortunately... :-(

katithepythonfan at 4:29 am July 20

There's been some sort of mistake apparently because I could now relocate the money to support Evil Machines... Weird, says I.

d_janice92@yahoo.com at 8:52 am July 20

Unbound sent out an email. System's on the fritz, they'll fix it.

d_janice92@yahoo.com: Excuse me for a moment, but...
Where's my mission accomplished banner?

TheRealGilliamFan: Congrats! Goal Reached!

Paute: 100% YES!!! *high five*

Julyful: 100% - It's DONE!!!! :-)

genji at 4:36 am July 19

Achievement unlocked! Well done Mr. Jones and everyone who pledged.

katithepythonfan at 2:17 am July 19

Yes! That's fantastic! Can't wait to get the book...

French Taunter at 3:34 am July 19

I knew it!!! :) Congratulations to all the people who gave time and money! ;)

mrsCutout at 6:43 am July 19

Wow it's amazing! I am so envy of all those who did it!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!

Tanya_Birklid19 at 11:13 am July 19


Here Comes Another One at 8:05 pm July 21

Indeed yay!!!

Julyful: 99% :-)))))))

katithepythonfan: 2 days to go, 96% achieved...

Paute at 1:30 pm July 18

97%!!! YES!!!!!

French Taunter at 1:43 pm July 18

we bet that tomorrow by night it is 100%? ;)

katithepythonfan at 1:58 pm July 18


Here Comes Another One at 9:31 pm July 18

Fingers crossed!

Galahad: This sounds great!..Bah I must find the money to pledge..

MontyPyhonRocks274: This book looks so good!! I can't wait to read it! I will pledge as soon as I can!

terryjones: You're all very excellent sorts. Still along way to go though so do tell your friends.


Pachorruo: one more crowdfunder here LOL

themontyfreak: Hello from Ohio! Apparently my roommate's mom worked with you on a book. The last name is Randby, does that ring a bell at all? I was told by my roommate that when you get really drunk, you talk to your food. I'm jealous of my roommate as he got to meet you and experience you.

themontyfreak at 4:01 pm July 06

*experience you yelling at your food

Julyful: That's very interesting and cool! :-)

Julyful: That's very interesting and cool! :-)

A. Lupin: Sounds like a terrific read :D I love the painting behind Mr. Jones XD

Paute: I don't know why I back to this thread again and again.

I need help.

Paute: I posted this... and right... is better answer here.


Hanri: Gone and supported. :) Good writing and thank you for the nice bomb. Really, can't wait! The one bomb I wait impatiently to receive in the mail.

'Evil Machines' opera in Portugal was the first thing I bumped into when I first came across PythOnline, so this particular project makes me feel warm feelings inside. Although the machines are vicious.

mrsCutout: And...omg!!!! Terry Jones!!

mrsCutout: Oh pledging right now!!!!!

French Taunter: Just something about the car who/which is devil, I think Stephen King wrote a story about a devil car called 'Christine' or something like that already and there are other stories in some films/movies that show devil objects ... But anyone can have a different story about the same idea so it is nice too! :) I do not judge the book in anyway because it is not finish yet, and when it will be release I will ship it from England, like I did for a big book of Mr Palin! Then I might give my opinion! ;) Good Luck with it!

French Taunter at 3:29 pm July 01

Just some examples:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metropolis_%28film%29 (metropolis)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christine_%28novel%29 (Christine)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I,_Robot_%28film%29 (I Robot)

and you might find more other ideas of evil machines on the net! ;)

TheLateColonelVolestranglerBracketsMrs: Sounds intriguing, Mr Jones. I hereby pledge that (after payday) I will pledge to buy this book.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Mental note: Must ... contribute ... either today ... or tomorrow ... because Mrs. A ... wants to read ... desperately ... no, really, she does ... being the all-round British looney that she is :)

Another note: Who's gotta boil on his Semprini, then?