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Whizzo Butter

thanks for friendship :D


TY for your kind welcome yes I had a bit of a crush on Michael palin & Eric Idle at a push nudge wink!


Hey there!
I was wondering if you have bigger picture of the Eric and Terry picture that's in your icon? Thanks!!


Thanks for become a friend!
Best wishes for you!!

A. Lupin

Thank you very much :D

Lady and Laird ...

Thanks for becoming our friend!!!
Hope you are doing real fine and that you have a wonderful...
2010~~~ !!! Nice to meet you here.
Monty hugs.... the candermines


Hello, How are you doing?


saw your message just now, I keep forgetting to check my wall since they made modifications to this site.
but as I said its perfectly ok, I had the same problem when I was trying to send PMs the other day too


Hi!Thank you for accepting! Yeah I loved the mrs cutout animation too!It took me a while to realize to whom john and Graham where saying good morning in the sketch haha!


I'm fine! going dinner.. happy thaat you're doing well!! :D hugs


hello arky!! how are you?? I love the 2 last Gilliam pics you posted.. :) hugs

Thanks :)


Nice page! :)


The cat thing was kind of creepy...I wouldn't leave any basookas lying around the house if I were you. I liked the old Pink Panther movies, my favourite was 'A Shot in The Dark'. I don't really like the new ones too much, I prefer Peter Sellers to Steve Martin
: P I can't remember the old cartoons very well, I only saw a few : )


Nice to know : P Anything interesting happened lately?


I'm good, thanks for asking : ) And how are you?


Hello : )


welcome :p still tryng on the presant :p i love paint :p hihihi
gr iris


i'm fine xd shalll i try to make you a presant ???? and happy b day to you ....lallalxd :p

gr iris


no problem that you replied so late xd i'm sure you were verry bussy :p
how are you ??
gr iris


i'm fine i got my books for school today :) and i'm going shopping today you know for school stuff :p what you gonna do today ????? gr iris