Accountable informationnnn! Involves interrogationnnn! Across the nationnnn! Minus multiplicatonnnn! Which doesn't involve constipationnn! Woopie, hello and doodah to my wall of DEATH.


hey dude!!! thatnks for the add:) and HELL YEAH!!! mikey is the sex!!! awesome to see someone from england:D always wanted to meet an englishman..erm..personxD seriously, do you speak all those languages??!


Why of course deary, always a pleasure to meet new loonies. :) School can be irritating, taking away the potential PyntOnline time.. Working does the same to me sometimes. Oh well, let's just make the best of the time we get!


Hello! Welcome to the very silly world of PythOnline!

Lady April

Hey there! I do LOVE your avatar! One of my fave pics of his beautiful smile :P How are ya?