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Just a thought - when you have the good fortune to meet Terry J (because I'm sure you will!), will you tell him about your dream?


awwwww.... well 22 days are long!!!! btw i hope u can get sonething from Jonesy... can you send me a PV msg with his address? (if you don't mind giving it to me!) ;)


no, I wrote a letter to him but the secretary replied... it took 22 days since I've sent mine... I didn't ask the authograph but I'm sooooo happy to have received it!!! :D


ehmmmm.... YES, you're right!!! the pic in the caster is the one he sent me after my letter to him!!!!!! I'm still soooo excited! YAY


oh well... usually I'm here in the afternoon! btw I'm very happy to meet you!


Hi! how are you?? it's the first time I see you here...


heeeeey i've been thinking about you these past few days... a couple of weeks maybe... i am quite alright... everything is almost normal... school is.. you know aaaaand i've got a lot to tell you i think... how are you :P :P how are things there ^^ lalalala HUG ATTACK!!!!!


Hi, thanks for the request, it is always a pleasure to meet fans of Jonesy ;)

Best wishes,



Hi Erin, Thanks for your friendship!! Welcome hope you will enjoy Pythonline!! My name is Amy, so if you need guidence I would be more then happy to help!!
Once again Welcome!!


Hi! Thanks for adding me! Welcome to Pythonline :D