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A pidture of you... with your face on (that would help a lot::), so Biggles can make a group work like he did last year (and it was so nice that Hanri made a stamp with it and sent to all that asked for one). Go ahed! Sent it! Check SBiggles profile page and see it!

Mr Nudge

Snap, snap, grin, grin, wink wink, say no more!

^^ So how's yew??
You've got a loverly confuse-a-cat station. Your media section looks pretty hardy too ^_^

Mr Nudge

Your username alone makes me roll with laughter in a giant bowl of pudding. We should be friends xD


Hey!! Did you already sent your picture to Regimenta l Sergeant Major Biggles? The Sarg need help.

He need it to do his magic and prepare his new project: Python Army Project 2009 Picture

So what are you waiting for??? If you do not do that I'll bite your legs off!!

Sent the picture to: rsmbiggles@aol.com

Sent it or I shall taunt you a second time-a!... and a third.... and... you got the message!!!


Hi! but don't u wanna rest 4 a while??? anyway welcome!

Mrs Attila the ...

Good morning. No Time to Lose!




Hey!! Welcome to Pythonline!!=]