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back again.. probably!


Am I? Great. That means I've got a head start ; D
*Hugs Returned*
I've never hugged someone with words before. It's very uplifting : D


oh ok got msn ?? gr :d


did you try to add me to mashcast ??? because i don't use it :d so if you wanna be friends it will have to be here on facebook on msn or netlog =d gr


Thanks for signing my guestbook. Thought I would swing by and return a signing :P. I actually can't remember where I got my avatar but I love it.


:D I keep forgetting that you are Italian :) Seen from up here Germany is a very warm place :D


Glad to hear it! Where in Germany were you? I haven't been anywhere yet, but planing to go to Germany too :)


Hey :) how was the holiday? :)


Have fun abroad!


i just finished watching 'the meaning of life' for the first time! It was hillarious! "and get the machine that goes 'ping'." LOL :D


Hey, I've been super busy! My work here at summer camp is giving me not much time on the computer. :( HOW ARE YOU?!?


aaaw thank you so much. feels good beeing in here with others of good taste. ;)


Hi! How's it going?

Mr Nudge

Chello, fwend!
I've been a bit busy myself (sadly) but it's nice to hear from you again!


I haven't been around for a few days.. hope you're feeling even better now.

there'll always be regrets in life. the best you can do is try to accept and live with them - basically just ignore them.

it can be tough but it can be done. :)

from one thing to another, is it proper summer where you are already? it's raining a lot here (though it's pretty warm) and that bugs me.


hi:) oh rome was GREEAT!! i think the thing that i remember the most was Hard Rock Café, it was SO awesome! been there?? the teachers kept us really busy during the days, and we didn't have so much spare-time... I bought a Vespa-bag, and some buttons in Rome, and two vintage wallets in Assisi. the train from assisi to rome was also great, i really enjoyed it. I was thinking of you quite a lot of times too. how' you been??
hug juni

Purple Unicorn

Hello. Sorry for my absence but trying to get a job and be a grown up has been distracting mw. Also I don't have a power cord for my laptop so I have to use my husbands right now and he doesn't want me downloading mashcast. I will be back soon though. :)


Glad to hear that dear =)


Hi Vale! =) I'm fine thanks for asking! And you?


Hey, thanks sweetheart, i am fine... how are you?


Hi! I'm fine, thank you=)
How are you?