and now a man with 9 legs he ran off oh bugger so pleas don't run off like you have 9 legs and leave something lol unless you're a spammer if you are bugger off !!!!!! :)


Hi!!! Good to have you here! You having a nice time?
Sarah x


well, why not? :) I became a member in here to get new friends who like python anyway. :)
its rare that Im on msn, but sometimes I am.


Hi Iris, thanks for accepting my invitation :D my msn is: =)

Whither Canada

Hello from a fellow fan of Michael's, welcome.


well hello there. :) I'm very good thank you, how are you?

- Emmi


yes.. =] =]


hey awesome! =] =] welcome! =] =]


you can easily make proper screencaps with the free player: VLC (then just check what is already in the gallery - and upload your pictures!)

or make a blog post ...

good luck!

and welcome!


darling, next time - try and make screencaps by using programmes... the pics look like as if they were taken by a camera - which was in front of your television?!

and... those pics are in good quality in the gallery already. so, please do not re-post pictures we have already seen.


in a way yes with also painting a picture of the scene.
Sure Ill be friends with you. :)


Hello Iris, First off Welcome!! I hope you enjoy it here. RPG is Role Playing Game. Where you basically take a role through characters through writing. Its a lot of fun all the same plus helps with your writing.

thank you so it's kinda like a dialog between diffirent people and you take in another caracter ???


Welcome to pythonline!
:D How are you?

thank you i'm fine bit tierd but fine and you ?? wanna share msn ?? gr belgium :d


No I don't have msn. The best way to get in touch with me is by sending me a private message on this site.

oh ok :d no problem can you tell me a bit about you ?? and stuff ??


Monty Pyhthon !! =D

srry i'm new( and a bit dislectic ) :d wanna be friends ??? gr iris belgium ;d


Hello Iris :) Welcome to Pythonline.