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Vive Brian, wherever you are


Hello there.Hows things with you?


Hiya.Thanks for accepting my invite.How are you?


just a bit of randomness here, but I know you like him so I have to show this to you... I am drowning mydelf in vids of thåström at the moment, and this is soooo great. look at the energy, and the madness in his eyes. GAH! <3

Lady and Laird ...

oh... I don't yet know where it is.. but if you wrote something about it...
can't wait to see it..
I do hope you saw it yesterday and you liked it!!!!
love the lady candermine

Lady and Laird ...

Have a wonderful time tomorrow at the movie...
love to be going with you~!!
love, lady candermine

Lvndr HppE

Hey, you said you have facebook. What's your name on facebook? Mine is Erica Soto.