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this just in.. might be somewhere ...


Keep the peace and walk out in an orderly but funny manner, thank you.
Happiness to you!


lol she says with her legs flapping around in a silly walk way

Colonel Daughter

Thank you for the Friendship! ...I still have to find how to request 'relationships'.. *scratching head* !!


Hello! How are you?
Thanks for writting in my wall. I never saw before.


Thanks! :D


oh, thank you. :)

Lady April

I am Lady April over there too... who are you???

Lady April

I got your messages on my wall but cannot respond to them. I've been so pissed about that and the fact I cannot get to my PM inbox. YES!!! i got the movie info! Fandango emailed me the link for Parnassus theaters. Thanks a bunch.
Hey I am a retard when itcomes to real names and screen names. Are you on my FB?


Hello Lady and Laird, thanks for requesting to be my friend :)


Hi! Hope you had a good holiday. :) Little by little I'm getting back to a "normal" rhythm, now that I've FINALLY checked all of those 9 pages of posts... Sheesh, seemed like everyone had started talking even more during the holidays, when I usually "put my posting to a pause".

Still hunting for a chance to see the Imaginarium in the theatre, only it seems that they're showing it only in Helsinki, so I'm a bit short of days. Let's hope they show it long enough for me to get a chance to jump on a train or something. ;)


Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


Hello, the painting is one my twin sister painted of me in high school. She used watercolors. It was the best painting she ever made. She tried to make more, but nothing else ever came out as well. The day she painted it I was having a terrible day & she asked if she could paint me b/c I was just sitting there w/ my head down, so I told her I didn't care. Sorry....I tend to ramble :)