>Oh Christ!
>I thought you liked them!
>I'm sick to bloody death of them!
She's bloody dying and all you bring us is lupins. All we've eaten mate for the last four bleeding weeks is lupin soup, roast lupin, steamed lupin, braised lupin in lupin sauce, lupin in the basket with sauted lupins, lupin meringue pie, lupin sorbet... we sit on lupins, we sleep in lupins, we feed the cat on lupins, we burn lupins, we even wear the bloody things!

French Taunter

Hello and thank you for your add as your friend here. I hope to enjoy a lot of laughs with you and the others here! ;)


I could take them all one-handed. :b


Thanks for the add! :-) P.S. There's a professor in Harry Potter called Lupin and I laughed really loud in the cinema when I saw it. Just saying.


Hello a.lupin. I just thought I'd stop by to say hello.

I just read your profile, I loved what you wrote :) If only Eric had taken you self-defense class, he would have learned what he wanted to know.


Hi my new Pythonfriend!!

You have Twitter account?


Hi A.Lupin, welcome to Pythonline.

btw: Dennis Moore is my favorite Python sketch so I like your screen name :)