My love, I found you! Hello!

mrs galahad 19

HEY FREDDIE!! Heard you were sick and down in the dumps so I brought two plates full of cookies, a Totorro plush, and a TCCMWARAABOS (Telepathic Cosmic Cuddly Mike with a rose and a bowl of soup)




just read your details. and just thought I would say that I, even if I do own the dvds, a few books, and 4 smallish posters, I dont have one single python-tshirt, so dont feel left out. ;)
btw, I totally adore gray too, and see him as quite the hero for beeing openly gay when noone else was, and YES beatles is absolute love here too (especially john and george, but how come both them and gray are dead? whats up with that?! damn it!)
so... a little late on, I know, but DONT feel left out here. :)


Hello a_nervous_wreck welcome to Pythonline :)

I liked your first two post, I'm looking forward to the next Python art project you make and post :)


Hiya!!!!!! Welcome welcome to our party silly fellow!


Hello, good evening and wellllcome to this silly site where you can at last talk about Python without confusing your friends and family (in case they don't know Python)
So anyway; Welcome. I hope you enjoy being here amongst us other Python loonies ;)