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Hello champagneeyes, welcome to Pythonline :)

I like the image you chose for your avatar.

****Reply from Champagneeyes****

Thank you, arkennedy. That is actually a picture of my great-grandmother's cousin, Claire Jeanne Georgiana Amelie (Amy) Borde. She was just under 3 in that picture and died 2 years later on the shipwreck La Bourgogne, along with her grandmother (my greatx3 and also my great-grandmother's grandmother) and her mother. They were going to visit my great-grandmother who was in Switzerland with her other grandmother (my other greatx3). Funnily enough, my New Orleans greatx3 who died in the shipwreck with her daughter and granddaughter was on the same ship 5 years earlier bringing her husband's body back from France, where they were visiting when he died.

Anyway, I kind of fail at telling a story so I hope you make that out. Also, I tried to "add comment" but kept being directed to a page saying "no one has written in this guestbook yet" so I decided to "edit comment" to reply to you, since it let me do that. Hope you get this.