This is the Castle of my Master Louis De Lombard!

Well this is a french born chilean girl I guess mmmh ... mmmh ... liking have a lot of of laughs all over the world (yes I like to travel as soon as I can!;) You can speak English, French, Spanish or even Norwegian with me ;) I will not become stiff like the (bleu) parrot! And not stopping you like the Spanish Inquisition! Wellcome and well come to my page! ;)

(Aloso now I am giving des smiles pour des kids on http://www.whitefeatherfoundation, the non-profit foundation: .♥Give Nutopia to everyone because love has no borders!©♥ Merci!!)

Twitter: @French_Taunter

A. Lupin

Hello~ I love the French Taunter too [: You're lucky you know so many languages. (I just know English & some French) Well anyway, enjoy pythonline :D


Ahh, hello. I finally checked my wall.
xD Oh yes, it is nice humour, no?


'Allo, 'allo! It is my wish that you have a lovely time on the site. :)