Well hit me mother over the head with a shillalah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Crunchy Fraug

Happy Birthday, fellow Birthday Person! Hope yours is great! Mr. Lambert


Hi GN@

Its me, its me...Matt friggin Lee

Mr. Belpit

hey, Jenna (not sure how I should call you)... thanks for adding me. I'm a total newbie, I don't even know what's this all about, hee. So, I may need some help with some things. But no panic, I'm a good self-learner, but I have no idea if that word actually exists (awful Brazilian English writer/speaker). See you around.

Johnny R.

We are still soggy here in the midwest.. I hope you are faring better in CA. Am I jealous? Maybe.

Johnny R.


Just saying Hello from St. Louis. Hope you're having a good week.


I repeat the cookies are cupboard not the fridge!

Lady of the Lake


Thanks for the request. I'm new here so I am not sure how this works so I kind of panicked. :-)


Jeanna the genius! Such a lucky girl. Thanks for the awesome site! I love it, it has become my home in my home computer.


Greetings and salutations, dear Jeanna, and thank you for the warm welcome!


Thanks for the request. I'm currently just mucking about. Activism here might be just a passing fancy. Have to go. My vodka's getting warm.


Hi Jenna! Thanks for the request... I'm a python freak lost in the middle of a nasty country : France! Did you know that in France we usually call "The Pythons" : "Les Monty", well that's a thoroughly not interesting topic and that's maybe the reason why it does interest me. You now have two good reasons to remove me from your contacts!!! It's ok... I understand... no hard feelings ;)


Hi Jeanna! It's nice to Meet ya!
Looks like the site is still in progress because for some reason my station is "There are no media files set to display." By the way, What's a station? anywhoo looking forward to lottsa silliness. Cheers!


Hey Gna!
Thanks for the welcome! I almost fainted when I discovered Pythonline...
Here's a stupid question: How many times have you met the Pythons?


hi jenna thanks for the welcome glad to see python online.


How come there is an advert saying: download mash caster now, but when you go on the pythonizer link you cant download it?


I am truly honored to be apart from this project!


Do you put pictures on the same way as you put your sdisplay picture on or is there an easier way?


Hi thanks for adding me as a contact, i joined up because you just can't beat a bit of Monty Python. :)

Ron Obvious

Thanks for the compliment! It's nice to be able to hang out here once in a while and act silly. You have been responsible for many outbursts of laughter from me as well! Cheers!