thanks for the warm welcome jeanna of many names :P like most monty python sketches, this website seems to go around in a circle... when's the mashcaster going to be up?


Hi Gna. Thanks for your Comment! I'm from Germany. I bet you are from... England! Right? Knick, Knick, knack, knack? How are you?


C´mon Jeanna let´s all do the conga
oh my I can not wait any longar
C´mon Jeanna let´s all do the conga
and enjoy the conga beat.
Oh yes .

Chris The Invincible

has anyone read the book "how to cut down trees with a herring" by the Knights who say Ni!?

brother maynard

Good day from the UK! Nice to find this site full of nutters... just as long as they leave me alone. Thank you for your welcome and having "cut my teeth" on Python humour I should feel at home!

I'm "brother maynard" because he was given MY name in the movie. Friends in high places back then! You have a star in your midst........

say no more

.. sorry, I fell off my chair.. I'll try to catch up once i finish my new extended volume on The Larch: Misunderstood.

say no more,


Hello Jeanna

Can you pull me a pint of the house's best, O sorry my brain hurts, O I am mean my brain hurts, wrong Jeanna. Thanks for getting me into this fine mess. Thanks for the add, if i can use that type of language.

PJF Forever

Ni Noo Ni

Hi there,
Spam Hunters union!


Hmm. Uh, what? Oh. Right.


Gather 'round, my fellow silly persons, as I tell you of a girl named Gna42. The original POL webmistress, who was part of one of the best things the internet ever spewed out, which created one of the best online communities I have ever seen. Can it be done again? You betcha!

You rock my boat girlie girl! Soooo pleased to see you back where you belong.


Hi Gina - your first guestbook entry

Awww Russ, I feel truely priveledged to have you sign my guestbook!