Welcome to the Jones Family guestbook. Like most guest books no-one is quite sure what it's for and somewhere in the middle a ten year old has almost certainly written the word 'bum' in felt tip pen. And why not?


Hello Terry! Thank you for accepting my friend request.


Hi Terry, thanks for adding me as a friend, it means a lot. :)


I receive Evil Machines book this week ;)
Great :)


He He He you said ´Bum`heeh Buuuuum ...:)


Thanks Terry for accepting the request and for your work in all areas.


Hiya Terry,thanks so much for accepting my invite.Much appreciated.

F'tang f'tang

Pantomime horse

Thank you very much for accepting my friend request! Have a simply super day!

'Bum' <- Ooh, what a give away!


I'm sorry i hope you don't mind me asking but... Are you really Terry Jones and really controlling the account you have your self? I don't mean to be rude it's just that....... im curious... i blame curiosity...


thanks for accepting my friend request! :)


Dear Terry, i wish you a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

Love, July


Thank you for accepting my request and being the person that you are. It's wonderful.

With gratitude,


Thanks so much for accepting my friendship request. I wish you a nice week :)


Thank you for accepting my friend request, it really means a lot to me. As I've said on your twitter (I'm RubiksVernon) I owe my life to you and the rest of the Pythons. If it weren't for Monty Python I probably wouldn't be here now (I hope this doesn't sound creepy).
And apparently my roommate's mother worked on a book with you. The last name is Randby, don't know the first name or the book title. I am very jealous.
I am a random person so don't mind me.


Thanks for accepting my request. Have a wonderful day.



Hello Mr.Terry!
It's such a surprise that you came here it's amazing! Thank you for bothering!
And welcome!!
Ina from Greece! fanatic!

A. Lupin

It is wonderful to have you here! (: Best wishes in all of your endeavors.

Christine; the one who tried and failed to grow a lupin


An honour read you here.

Paula from Argentina.


Thank you for accepting my friend invite. :) You are making us poor buggers unimaginably happy by being present on our site, a big thank you for that.

Hanri, RSM of the Python Army (as voted by the members of the site)