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Terggi Hergenfueller

Velkom are very happy vit all da tings yew haff been writing and all da artwork yew haff been creating, yumpin' yiminy, yah!!! Tenk yew, tew, for eskin' to be fun uf my kontakts, tew!!!~TH


Good evening to you "Sah". You done it.


And you will always be my knight in shining armour....
Lots of hugs


Tusen tack! Det värmer mitt hjärta när allt annat känns skit. Vad skulle jag göra utan dig?


Dear Sgt Major... well look at this moustache! Yum yum seems pretty edible to me, may I call you Toddy? Huh... sorry this is disgusting, I got carried away. So exciting to be here. Well, thanks for the request anyway!

i want out

have I been promoted yet, Sgt. Mjr. Senor?

the irish knigh...

ni !


Good evening, Albatross!., i thought i would, Albatross! say, just for the reason that i would, com-pren-day?
sorry i'm really, Albatross! weirdly random, which is of course good, well at least i think so. Can i have it on a stick?

i want out

Guten Tag, Senor Biggles!


Jag har svårt att tro att du sjunger som en älg....


What a lovely suggestion!! Kanske kan du vara med och sjunga en duet med mig!!


Chris The Invincible

I am very honoured to be in the PA, because no one likes a good joke like me. Well maybe my wife. And the Sgt. In fact most people like a good joke better than me.


Tusen tack och detsamma! ;)
And a marry christas to you!


Hello Senor Biggles :D