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Welcome to Pythonline
My name is Amy a mere Officer here :)Come with Questions,
I am a fan of the Leicestershire 6'2" python


Have a great trip!

Leapy Lee

Cleese's 'wink' is soooooo sexy :)

Leapy Lee

Hey :)
Thanks for the friendship too an that nice (and sooooo cute) picture ;D


Thanks for the friendship to you to=)


Thank you for the friendship as well. Gotta love being a Python geek.

Tactical Nuclea...

Glad to meet a fellow Rush fan! My friends all think I'm some kind of weirdo for liking them. Oh well!

cal crawford

What's with Python Cash???
I also luv Stones (saw them on Voodo Lounge Tour)& the Who saw them in75. My bday is 4/24 Hitler's 4/20 Stalin's 4/22 so I blv I'm destined to rule the world ya bloody twit any help!!!!!!


I hope you'll be fine very quickly!!!! I'm ok... still euphoric, u know, the letter... :D
a very big hug!!! Vale


Hiya Geeky!!! how are you??




hi! :D
how are you?
I see you like the Beatles! They're awesome!
peace & love
-Ashlyn :)


Thank you for the warm welcome, Amy. It's such a bit Python world here :)


I'll translate the play and sent to u sheet by sheet, as the translation 'll be ready ... bye!!!

Tiel Pearce

Hi Amy. How are you, we have not chatted in a while, so if you see me on Facebook or Twitter, and by the way you can see what I look like. I have a picture. Anyway if you want to talk, I am around somewhere.


Hi Amy! Could you do me a favor? I'm going to block your Twitter account; can you let me know if you get a notification that I've blocked you? Thanks. (I'll go back and add you.)


Hiya!!!! hugs


Hi Amy!!!!! how are u??? had a great trip with my fam today!!! hugs


Hi Amy!!!! I'm very happy to see ya here!!! how are you??


Hihi. Sounds nice! Did you get something nice in birthday present? :)


Hello dear! Hope you had a good birthday! I forgot to write it to you on your birthday .. :P