whoa, i meant "this way before". Y did i write "before" twice, lol


Hi Kisch! Thanks again for GBH! I just finished watching it yesterday, it was great! I've never seen Michael this wat=y before before! You now, all emotional and serious...:)


Здравствуйте!Как поживаете?(is it right? Left head! (by the way, Hola is in spanish - for our friend the granny - in portugese it's Olá, but still thank's). You are a good head (at lest you can see your arm, I can't I'm in the middle!!!)


Thank you, I wish you luck with yours too! If I do get a reply I'll certainly let you know. :) I'm fairly new to Idleized Heaven, but I seem to be on it a lot now!

Lady April

Kischy baby!!!! How ya been? Long time no talky my friend :) Hows the other Hemisphere treating you? *waves*

Miss Tree

Yay it is you! I was wondering if you were the person I was thinking you were!


well, after all, that chamionship was not that important. let's hope Germany wins all. (Im afraid Spain will f*ck it all up in the most important moment, as always haha)


good luck for tonite! (Im kinda with my team: Spain, but still yours is a very good one!)

Susana Mendonca

And now, for something completely diferent: Congratulations on Russia’s awesome football display on Euro2008!!! Since we’re out of the race, I hope Russia wins!!!


Hello, dear! good spanish ;o)
unfortunately I have no clue about writing in russian :o(
thanx for the add & come to Madrid soon, you'll like it!
enjoy the weekend,


I used to be able to read Eastern Civilization teacher last year made us learn Cyrillic in 3 days. But unfortunately I forgot it all :(

Lady April

Hey Kisch, I wanna visit St. Petersberg :)seriously!!!


Doobrey Deng!!!