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Tiel Pearce

Hi, how are you? I'm fantastic!


Well hello there! I love your station! And the Michael Spotting pics! Thanks for the add!


haha you're welcome..i guess... o.o XD and i hope i had enough fun for everyone...i sure had enough for myself XD


Colds have flu have been going around lately, mainly because of the frequent changes in weather. On Friday it was in the 80s (fahrenheit) and on Saturday (yesterday) it was very cold (at least by Texas standards).


Hello, I'm doing well this morning, how are you?


Hi Cam, I noticed you were online so I decided to post an entry in your guest book before I log off and go to bed (it's nearly 2:00am here). Hello :)


Well I really like your new icon and hope you keep it ;)
cute pic of mikey in any case!!


Ok out of curiosity did you change your icon because someone else did a spamalot icon??
Just curious


Lady April

Ohhhhhh, it says "07" well shit. Don't I feel sheepish. No. Jackassish. Well welcome anyway! Thanks you for the late welcome. Lets go welcome Jeanna :D

Lady April

Soooo, are you a camelspotter or just always wanted to do that, missed your chance and now have serious regrets?
And then... I say, a VERY late, welcome to the board :D

i want out

Another thing they never taught us in our American History course. May I say that Brian looks quite nice in lovely Russet-coloured colonial costume.