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it hasn't always winked but it has been winking awhile now. I like it, it's so simple it makes people feel like they're on something when they go "did that just wink at me?!"


D: Oobi!!!!
soo scary


Thanks for adding me :) hope you had a great Christmas & New Year :D


D: oh no! now I lost the game... as well as the other game. Yes it has been quite a while; anything new?

Lady April

I hear the busy part. Well... at least busy up until Canada dumped a bunch of snow on our house! No work, no school for the daughter, stuck at home..
Help Help! I'm being repressed!!!
I feel like an at home Mom *beats head against wall*

Lady April

Hey Freaky!!! Long time no chatty :) Hows things my friend?


Happy Birthday, Luv!!

Lady April

Hiya freaky! I haven't seen you around but I do hope that homework doesn't kill you. I miss you here :( So Conquor that homework stuff and you will prevail and come back to us in the end :)

Miss Tree

Greetings from the corn field of enraged flutterbies and psychotic snails.


thanx for adding your poor ol' gramps :P
btw, nice pics on your media ;o)

Lady April

Will you be my new Mikey friend?????? I'll send you a pic of his sexy back :)