Hey!! Did you already sent your picture to Regimental Sergeant Major Biggles?

The Sarg need help!!

He need it to do his magic and prepare his new project: Python Army Project 2009 Picture

So what are you waiting for??? If you do not do that I'll bite your legs off!!

Sent the picture to:

Sent it or I shall taunt you a second time-a!... and a third.... and... you got the message!!!


OK Ron, you sincerely crack me up. Thank you for that.

i want out

It's Hil!

Chris The Invincible

Could you tell me if Upper class twit of the year has any chance of being approved by the Olymoic Comity?

i want out

Thanks for all of the assistance posting and formatting pictures! I really appreciate it! [and now....]

No problem! We Python fans need to stick together. Keep posting!


G-D Willing you will have a spiritually meaningful Christmas holiday and a fruitful New Year.


LOL hehe 'shut up!' :P I've noticed john cleese tells eric idle to shut up alot during the series, like in the Bicycle Tour episode haha.