As the dawning of the day that we here in the States call Mother's commences, I can report that the Group Photo Mach 2, is nearing the completed stages, Photos are still trickling in though and our elite Rhebus Monkey editing team has fended off advances from the
Evil Capuchin Monkeys (pat pend) by throwing poo at them and are diligently cutting and pasting as we speak in hopes that the photo will be done post-haste (leaving time for Banana breaks and accosting the occasional passers-by by chittering noisily).

The Knight Of Nja

It`s done ! Hope it`s not to late, because that sounds fun :D


hehe... è da tanto che sono pazza, però qui mi diverto e basta!!!


I did it! :) Are you proud of me now? :D

Lady April

Oh You! *kicks the air pretending it's Jr's butt* *wait, mabey it is Michael Palin's* *hmmmm, stares into an empty, yet profound void*........

Susana Mendonca

Done and done!!! =D Thanks for the heads up!! I'd HATE to miss it!

Lady April

But, Jr??? I did send him 2 actually! He e-mailed me back confirming. Does he say he never received one?


I think I'll miss this one, sry! (what I'm missing anyway? Don't get that Army stuff)
I don't really want to send any pic about me...plenty of self esteem, sure :)


salute. what picture!?


Hi! What kind of picture? May this by my avatar?


Phew, thank you! hehe :)


Oh cool! Rightio, I've just sent my pic along :)
Thanks for the heads up!


I have now sent the picture!! :)


Lol, what is it I've got to do hun? Just send a picture of myself to that email address???


haha ok.. i haven't been on here lately(school..stuff...even when you're supposed to have freaking holiday!!) but thanks for the info and thanks for that button! i got it yesterday and was really surprised and happy and so on thank you thank you thank you!! and you write really good in bulgarian!! I was amased!! aaand... HUG ATTACK!!!!!

Mr Banana Dini

Thank you very nice pelo aviso! Fez pular de volta para o Pythonline.




YES I DID send mine in. Did you send yours??


How kind of you to check up on us. Do not fret, I have sent mine.


I haven't sent my pic to RMS Biggles yet, but I'm gonna do it soon!! :)