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Me, Terry and my wife!


Que sorte! Já esteve com o Terry Jones xD


Hey Johnny,

I just found your note, 5 months after you left it!

"Mon, 2009-10-26 09:35

I saw you at the Royal Albert Hall, with a brown coat, just before the doors to buy stuff opened.
It was a great show, wasn't it???"

Yes, it was me - well spotted. It was a wonderful show!

What's new? Nao faz mal. :) JW


Tomorrow's your birthday! And I have a present for you, it's just gonna be a little late, AGAIN... But I haven't forgotten!!!


hi JR!! how are you?? long time no see!! :) it's good to be back again in here... I was really missing this place! *hugs*


aw Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Ciao! se e quando ti verremo a trovare, accettero volentieri di uscire a cena con te e la tua famiglia! :)

Hanri and your family ROCK! I love all the things you sent to me. <3 All my love to you, my dear dear awesome Portugese friends!


lol! I'm getting stressed of that btw..!

Marina Dantas

Foto com Terry Jones? Cara, você é mais legal do que eu pensava :D


Sorry Johnny! I'm not have been around a while-and I think photo-thing is late in schedule.But next time!


Vous parlez Francais bien!
I'm only going into my second year, so you're doing better than me!
okay, je ne vais pas rire! :)

Lady April

How cool for you guys! I saw your post in the thread - you will be the one to report back!

Lady April

Are you going then to London????


Bonjour! I see you speak Frenh!
Comment Ça va? :)
peace & love
-Ashlyn :)


Thanks for adding me to your contacts :)

Leapy Lee

Foto com o Terry Jones? cara, você tem sorte :D
Onde foi isso ?
PS: You speak portuguese, don't you ?


thanks for the add

joana barata

opa! obrigada!

joana barata

nope! I am from Brazil!


Ciao JR! are you ok?? how are you?