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Me, Terry and my wife!


aw no worries! I'll be here tomorrow.

Lady April

I say!!! Lovely day!
I say!!! Anyone for tennis?


have a very squakin' day


*lol* :P

Lady April

I wuv yow avataw. It's bwoody bwilliant! Not to mention Hot babe too :D
Of and thanks!

Lady April

You lucky bastard! You lucky lucky bastard! Met TJ did ya? You lucky bastard!

Susana Mendonca

Thank you for your book crusade =) This really is an army!! A very cool army! Thanks!!!


I know, I know, I've been to Lisbon several times ;o)
I was asking for Seixal hehe But I already know, thanky muchy!


I remember! near Viseu & Santa María da Feira, or so, right?
I will visit it this summer, obrigado!
bom fim de semana!


Thanks for adding, of course I will!! Let us honour the TJ spirit!


Hey thanks for the add. It's supposed to be a hamster LOL. As in 'your mother was a hamster' in the Grail? It's just a makeshift avatar until I can find a nice Michael one :)

Lady April

and I say "you can't expect to weild supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you" - heads up buddy!


promised ;o) but... is it near Lisbon, or...?


"hablas" ;o) jeje
and your spanish is waaay better than my portuguese anyway.
congrats on your mash, just hilarious!
btw, I love your country, once or twice a year im in Cascais or Lisboa, lovely land!

Susana Mendonca

Já disse, mas volto a dizer: muito obrigada!! Não imaginas o bem que me soube!! Estou aqui quase a rebentar de tão inchada! LOL =D Obrigada, obrigada, obrigada!!


muito obrigado pelo add!

Mr Banana Dini

subscrevo os dizeres da Susana! Grande Evil Machines e de facto é bom ver o Portugal por cá.
Passa bem!


i promise you, i'll try ;)



It says, "Romans go home." Romani ite Domum. Yes but you're fine for I understand what you're trying to say. Love the Terry Jones story and picture. I bet that was a lot of fun.

Susana Mendonca

Olá!! Também lá estive! Fabuloso é uma palavra pequena para o descrever, não é?
Demoraste muito tempo a relatar! =D Bem-vindo, é bom ver uma cara portuguesa por aqui!