Susana Mendonca

Deux points? Ça ne suffit pas!! Ah, bon! 'Who', who!? Köszönöm szépen, buona notte! =P

Susana Mendonca

the hoochie coochie man! bang bang =P mon cheri, I like it!

Lady April

Hola you :D


hehehehe lol :P

Susana Mendonca

LOL ssshhhhhhh!! I'm gonna let you in a little secret of mine: I'm not married! ssshhhh!! Now you will have to keep your intentions! =P


Hey!! Did you already sent your picture (with your face on) to Regimental Sergeant Major Biggles?

The Sarg need help!!

He need it to do his magic and prepare his new project: Python Army Project 2009 Picture

If any doubt, check Biggles profile page.

So what are you waiting for??? If you do not do that I'll bite your legs off!!

Sent the picture to:

Sent it or I shall taunt you a second time-a!... and a third.... and... you got the message!!!

Susana Mendonca

Aaawww!! All around us, can't you see them?!I know you are one of the few who can! Missed ya! Merry XMAS!!! Happy New year!!!

Susana Mendonca

Hombre!!! Necesitamos tus poemas! Porque te quedas tanto tiempo sin venir aquí? Baby, come back! Lálálá...

Vamos para allá, con ritmo de fado


We can all remember the first moment we saw Monty Python. It was life-altering for all of us.
We're so happy you've joined our group!


un músico tenemos por aquí, bien!
el Eric Idle español, jeje
gracias por añadirme ;o)
q tengas un buen domingo!