Hey!! Did you already sent your picture (with your face on) to Regimental Sergeant Major Biggles?

The Sarg need help!!

He need it to do his magic and prepare his new project: Python Army Project 2009 Picture

So what are you waiting for??? If you do not do that I'll bite your legs off!!

Sent the picture to:

Sent it or I shall taunt you a second time-a!... and a third.... and... you got the message!!!

Lady April

Dude! you are like three days older than me??? How cool is that!

Lady April

Hey man!! How goes it??? Not only have you put me in the position of trying to get Michaels pants off, in your debt for that LOL but you've also made me Alley Sheedy! So awesome!!!


Loved the card of the Camelot singers, well done!
it was so funny ;o)


You and Biggles Rocks!!! Awesome wor!!


hello, dear!
& thanx for the add, it's nice to meet you ;o)

Hi! Did you get to see The Rutles? Welcome to the club.


You're too nice! Ha ha yeah I'm funny; funny looking! You seem pretty cool. I love your masks keep up the good work!