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Mr Nudge

Katieeee :3


Hey Lemming do you remember me python freak from Canada eh? I am back on Pythonline where I belong :)

He's been taken up....oh no what there he is!



oh, I got a new mobile. I'll PM u with it. glad you enjoyed the card ♥


aw! It's sexy? hehe thanks<3 Glad it made you happy!<3<3 oh, I have a new cell phone. I shall PM u with the new one


LOL! you did the best thing!! did you have fun? :)


hiya Lemm-O!! how's you??? as for me.. quite ok! :)
how's school going?? *hugs*


ArrrrI saw your guestbook and forgot it was Talk Like a Pirate Day!! *hails the FSM*


Nice page! and thanks for the add and compliments of pictures :)

Mr Nudge

Arrr :3

I'd grog 'is tackle, matey!

Oh, btw, that scalding water on my hand today left a bad, hurting, mark D;

Mr Nudge

Yar yar, ready for Disney and Talk Like a Pirate day :D

Mr Nudge

"You're not there, your in the tavern!" "AM I GETTING DRUNK??" "YES!!"

That was so funny I'm laughing so hard!!

And w00! I'm Flashdance material!

Mr Nudge

Amazing! You could be like Bobby D. now and sing some Jewish songs with the harmonica about Rain, Pot, Framed Murderous Boxers, Bein' Young and how everything just ain't the same.

And I could be a sexy boy-band background dancer in spandex and covered in baby oil and perspiration lol!

Mr Nudge

Wakalakalaaa: I am a genie. I can't wait to hand you that Galifianakis shirt!


hi how are you ???
gr iris


hi! AWESOME Mashcast! what's new?
keep rockin'
-Ashlyn :)


I'm good : )
How are you?


Very well, thank you x
And you?


Hello : )


Hey sorry we havent bumped into each other yet. I cant find my windows messenger(will probably have to redownlad it *mumble grumble*) and i never get on yahoo bc I avoid a lot of people on there lol. I do hope we get to talk again soon though. <3


Yea I know <3 I was like MINE!!! :D Wow that sucks about the whole stalker thing. Hope to be on but Im not sure I can find my msn messenger on this mess of a computer *roots around*