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Hey!! Did you already sent your picture to Regimental Sergeant Major Biggles?

The Sarg need help!!

He need it to do his magic and prepare his new project: Python Army Project 2009 Picture

If any doubt, check Biggles profile page.

So what are you waiting for??? If you do not do that I'll bite your legs off!!

Sent the picture to:

Sent it or I shall taunt you a second time-a!... and a third.... and... you got the message!!!


how hard is it for you to spell cupcake? It's just cup then cake. Oh guess what Eddie Izzard is going to be in Vegas in July and we may come here for my birthday! Maybe I'll get tickets to his show! Wouldn't you be jealous if I did that.


since when was I a muffin?


oh so I did... HEY RIN!! Your guest book has more entries than mine and you never post! Maybe I should stop filling it with junk... or maybe you should post more... OR BOTH!

PS David Bowie
PPS Eddie Izzard
PPSS Tim Curry
PPPPPPSSSSSSST Robster the lobster


i don't like clowns rin


O.O there was a clown?! Rin I don't like clowns...


O.o your picture is too big Rin!


yum... Wait I have cookies?! I better share!