Hello! My name is Maria.


Wow! nobody knows it! but.. thanks!
I think we can do nothing with this.. hahahaha!!!


Thanks.. and.. I've asked what is the Pythoncash to caroliinee, and she doesn't know.. can you explain me what it is??


Long time without see (read) you!
How are you? All good? I hope it!


aww.. no, I'm not the greatest.. ;) but very happy I am! you can imagine how much I screamed when I saw the photo, haha (I didn't expect to get a reply so soon, or at all..)


I know, my icon is my favorite picture ever of Michael...so far atleast ;). He is so beautiful in that sketch, I could just....well, I'll just keep that one to myself haha.


In here.. What I can see through the window... Dark and cool.. Or cold, not sure.
Ooh, I love Michaels brother, Lincoln. He's a manly man! ;P
Probably hotter with hair... But I love also Michael! Well I should use their real names... Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller. And I hate Mahone! What a pain in the butt!


Oh, you too have a beautiful name! (But wich one is more wonderful and beautiful the name or the face? That's the question!) So, how is Stockholm at this time in the night? Is it dark and wet?


Aw, cheers! Sadly I can't take the credit of making the lovely ewic icon...someone over at livejournal made it :) hehe.
& Thanks so much for the welcome....:D
Is there a topic on the message board where I could introduce myself? :)
Sal x x x x x


You're welcome :) some lovely pictures you got there. Just love that Jonesy ;)


yeah I know! I'm glad it wasn't a bad album.. ;)


I agree, Call Me is a great song! ;) I also like Cosmos Rockin' and Time To Shine.. the whole album is very nice! :D


great! have you heard the new Queen + Paul Rodgers album, btw? ;)

Lady April

Hey lady! Thanks for the line :) been a while since we've talked! I am busy as hell, how bout' you ma'am? What are you up to lately?


Hi there, Maria! :D I'm fine, thanks for asking! How are you? :)

Oh... So I hope you'll get better soon. ;) I'm actually thinking about what prepare for Lauguage Day in my school. We have to sing some song and I was thinking about Lumberjack song :P But we don't have music and it's the problem...
Have a good day ;)

Hi! How are you?


Thanks for the request and everything! Love your profile pic too! Mmmm, Michael looks so yummy :D

Love that sketch! One of my at most favorites. "Get the comfy chair!" Hehehe :]


Ah, hello there MontyMaria! :)
I would just love to say that I love that Mashcast! The reporter scene is one of my favorite, along with that of the " Telly Penguin " one...


Hi, danke, sehr gut. Nice to meet you too:)

:D Anyway, thank you :D Ohh I'd like to watch Flying Circus... But I should write a lecture about Bing Bang... It's so boring... :P