Hello! My name is Maria.

Mike is just great! :D
Hm... I'm a bit confused about the pythonline. And I can't get to know... what the hell is python army? :P Sorry I'm asking you about it but you're ere longer than me. :D


Hi! And thanks so much:)
I see we have music in common as well, huh? :]
Great taste!

Oh yeah, lumberjack song is great :D but only with Mikey <3 :) I don't really like version with Eric from Hollywood Bowl

Thanks and Hello! ;) Nice icon, I love the blackmail sketch! :D


Hello thanx for welcoming me.....I think you might be the first girl other than my sister that i know that likes monty python..........all of my exes never liked Monty Python......its tragic!


hm..akkurat nå er det "meaning of life" trooor jeg..:P du?


haha:D kult, mine er michael john også^_^



great icon! Michael is soo pretty. XD


hallå! jeg kan ikke snakke svensk..:P favoritt python?

A. Belling

Thanks, it's a pretty cute picture of Graham, yes! I like your Mikey picture, as well. He's such a beaut...


Just wanted to tell you your profile picture makes me smile a whole lot :)

Rebecca Two Sheds

I'm a big fan of The Beatles too! John is my fave. Thanks for adding me as a friend! Monty Python Rules!! :)


Oh yes, of course I'll join the group! :D


pretty good,just have a bit of a head ache,how are you?


yay! thats so cool^_^ love the beatles, i think ringo is the coolest, and the janitor rocks lol


haha. Mir geht es gut und dir?

I see you are a Neil Innes fan. I mean your headline is "how sweet to be an idiot"


Sorry, I can't understend... What was the middle word... valdigt?


Ok, då gillar du Freddie Mercury också? Han var nog den bästa sångaren.. :)


Ja'rå! Jag gillar The Beatles, Queen & The Monkees, väldigt mycket, sj? :)


it was great,the whole film was based on beatles songs