The Knight Of Nja

Heya Sarah !


Interesting...your name is fairly common then isn't it. Perhaps they are all idle fans as well?


I'm sorry but I must say this... I can't look at your profile name without humming a song by this band called 'They Might be Giants'
anyway, I haven't signed a guest book in a while and I felt as though I should bug you with that useless bit o' info!
(my aren't we special?!)


=] =] =]


Nice to see you on PythonLine, Sarah ! I think I have seen you on Idleized Heaven (where I lurk sometimes), the nickname looks familiar ! Good luck with your letter to Eric and please tell us when you get the reply :-)

Lady April

Hiya Idlewild! I just noticed Small Faces in you profile music list! Niiiiiice! You have great taste :)


Spain has almost nothing good, unless you like melting like an ice-cream :P
and yes, my fave is Terry bear (as I like to call him)lol
the pythons with more fans here seem to be TJ, Mike & Eric, poor John, TG & Gray :o(
btw, nice taste in music, dear,woohoo!


hello Sarah!
thank U for the add ;o)
you're in Ireland?! aw...I love it! I wish I could be there, sniff...sniff...
*blows her nose*
nite nite, xxx


you'r welcome :)


they are amazing aren't they? john's the best :)))


can't convert your friends eh? Well they just don't understand the awesomeness that is python and Eric. But you're in good company here!


oh yes and a very proud one indeed, glad to see you on! And I hope you don't get dirt on your fork.