TSPB: Parrot Sketch

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Ms Anne Elk: Dear Pythons,

I write to tell you about my third theory about the brontosaurus, Ahhhhem - Sorry no, I do in fact have a question about the lost video of the 'Nice Fresh Banana' version of the Parrot Sketch. The sound track is available on the Live at Drury Lane Audio CD and LP record but the video which I'm sure I once saw seems to have faded into the mists of legendry. Was there a VHS video of Live at Drury Lane? Please, please, please, please tell me where I can find this sketch, it's distracting me from my work on brontosaurusses. The secret policemans ball sketch you found for Mr Mad-Dog Savage was almost right but they still said cuttlefish instead of banana. Surely JC must have a copy of his finest 'Pining for the fjords!?!?!?' performance in the history of history itself. The 'Ello Polly! I've got a nice fresh banana for you' parrot sketch must be real, or did I dream it.

I have another theory - ahhhhhem

Anne Elk (Ms)

French Taunter: Poor Mike^^ I think John noticed that he was trying to keep his seriousness (after he's smatched the parrot) but he said "PININ' for the FJORDS?!?!?!?" with a so laughing voice that mika couldn't hold the laugh ... I suppose it is that (well if I was at the place of Mike I wouldn't be so serious!

French Taunter at 3:37 am May 14

PS! I want this sketch to be play at my funeral! ^^ ;)

kissmyarrrtichoke: I love it how Mike has to try so hard not to laugh and fails XD

This is comedy genius. Screw some of the rubbish we get nowadays like Little Britain, this will last forever while those will be forgotten.

King Brian the Wild: Best performance of Mike and John I ever saw. Just fantastic. Can't stop watching it, pining for the fjoooooooords???

Lvndr HppE: This never gets old.